Financial Accounting

:: Financial Accounting assignment ::

XYZ Inc is a CRM software company. Evaluate the financial statement for XYZ Inc and write a report of maximum 8 pages following the table of contents below.

1.0   Executive Summary

2.0   XYZ Financial Situation – Write a short analysis based on the given statement. What information can you determine about the company and their financial standing from the given statement?

3.0 Industry Ratio Comparisons. (comapre XYZ’s statement ratios with similar industry rations and write a short analysis)

4.0  Recommendations (Whats good and how can it be better? Whats bad and how can it be improved?) (The recommendations section must cover the positive and the negative issues you discovered from reading the financial statements. You will say what the company should do to change some of the problems or build up some of the strengths.)

Please use APA format, no plagiarism and mention all the references. Along with the answer, please submit the turnit in report as well. Please write the paper using more finance related technical language. For XYZ Inc, strictly use the data in the attached spreadsheet. There are also formulas and ration formulas written in this sheet. Please do enough research and make the paper read more logical.

Total 1500 words (excluding references)