First Intake


Food eaten

Description of food eaten

(fried, grilled, boiled)

Amounts Eaten

(cups, ozs, each, small, medium,   large)








Whole wheat


Orange juice




Profile Page (___/5 points).  (from printouts)

Printouts for 3-day average (___/10 points)

Printouts- include spreadsheet, bar graph, AMDR ranges MyPlate, fat intakes

Analysis and Discussion 

Macronutrients (___/20 points).

Calorie   Intakes 5 points 

On   average, what was your total calorie   intake


___/1 point

How did   your calorie intake compare to the recommendations? State two health implications of consuming   too little or too many calories. 

Insufficient   calories

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

Excess   calories

1.   ___________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________ ____/4 points

Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fiber 5 points 

On   average, what was your total grams of   carbohydrates consumed


___/1 point 

State   one reason for including carbohydrates in your diet

___/1 point

The   Dietary Guidelines recommend 3 or more ounce-equivalents of whole-grain   products per day, with the rest of the recommended grains coming from   enriched or whole-grain products. In general, at least half the grains you   consume should come from whole grains. Did you meet this recommendation? If   yes, list at least 3 whole grains you consumed and if not, list 3 whole   grains you are willing to consume to improve your diet.

Whole   grains consumed  Whole Grains You can add   to   your diet

  1.  1. 
  2.   2. 
  3.  3. 

___/3 points

Fats and Cholesterol 4 points 

On   average, what was your total grams of   fat consumed?


___/1 point

State   the health effects of consuming too much saturated fats

___/1 point

What is   your average daily intake of cholesterol?

_____ mg

___/1 point

What   foods contributed the most fat in your diet? 

    ___/1 point

Protein 6 points 

On   average, what was your daily intake of   protein in grams


___/1 point

Describe   what would happen to your body if you do not meet your protein needs. 

___/2 points

If you   met your protein needs, list 3 of your top protein sources. 




List 3   protein food sources you could include in your diet to improve your protein   intake? 1.



___/3 points

Analysis of the Micronutrients (___/20 points)

Here you choose 4 vitamins and 4 minerals, try to choose some that you exceeded your requirements, and some that you fell short, discuss the health implications of the deficits and the excesses. For example, what would happen to you if you consumed too much sodium or vitamin A?

Micronutrients 20 points

The   Dietary Guidelines recommend <2,300 mg (approximately 1 teaspoon of salt)   of sodium per day. How many mg of   Sodium did you Consume? 


__/1 point

What   food items contributed the most sodium in your diet? 2 points

Suggest   two ways of reducing the sodium in your diet

1. __________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________

2 points

How   many milligrams of Calcium did you   consume? Did this meet your needs?

________ mg

___/1 point 

Describe the relationship between protein   intake and your calcium intakes 

___/2   points

If you   were deficient in consuming any vitamins,   list the vitamin and list one food source next to each vitamin that you could   eat. (EACH VITAMIN YOU ARE DEFICIENT IN MUST BE WRITTEN, INCLUDING SUGGESTED   FOOD SOURCE!) If no deficiencies, write N/A. (Deficient means <100%DRI) *Do not write that you will take a vitamin   supplement to make up your deficiency- List food sources4   points

Deficient   Vitamin and % consumption Suggested   Food Source to consume 

If you   were deficient in consuming any minerals,   list the mineral and one food source that you could eat. . (EACH VITAMIN YOU   ARE DEFICIENT IN MUST BE WRITTEN, INCLUDING SUGGESTED FOOD SOURCE!) If no   deficiencies, write N/A. (Deficient means <100%DRI). *Do not write that you will take a mineral   supplement to make up your deficiency- List food sources4 points

Deficient   Mineral and % consumption Suggested   Food Source to consume 

List 2 minerals that you were deficient in and two that exceeded the   requirements and for each state one health effect of deficiency and excess. 4 points 

Deficient    Excess 

1. _________ 1.   _________

2. _________ 2.   _________

Health   Effects  Health   Effects 

1. _______________________ 1. ____________________________

2. _______________________ 2. ____________________________  

List 2 vitamins that you were deficient in and two that exceeded the   requirements and for each state one health effect of deficiency and   excess. 4 points

Deficient    Excess 

3. _________ 1.   _________

4. _________ 2.   _________

Health   Effects  Health   Effects 

1. _______________________ 1. ____________________________

2. _______________________ 2. ____________________________

Discussion on AMDR ranges (___/4 points).

Macronutrients 4 points

% Total   Calories from Carbohydrate (Recommended: 45-65%)


___/1 point

% Total   Calories from Protein (Recommended:10-35%)


___/1 point

% Total   Calories from Fat (Recommended: 20-35%)


___/1 point

How did   your macronutrient distribution compare to the AMDR recommendations?  

 ___/1 point   

Discussion on your fiber intake; (___/5 points). 

State the requirements and compare with your intakes, talk about the health implications if you are over or under the recommendations. 

On   average, how many grams of dietary   fiber did you eat ?


___/1 point

What is   your recommended fiber intake based on your gender? 

___/1 point 

What   are the health implications of consuming too much or too little fiber in the   diet? 

___/3 points

MyPlate: Did you consume the correct amount of servings from each group? Here, state what your intakes were and compare to the recommendations, you must state what the recommendations are. (6) and compare with recommendations. (___/6 points) 

MyPlate   Analysis 6 points 

Compare   your intakes with requirements for the food groups according to MyPlate.   ___/1 point 




The   Dietary Guidelines recommend 3 cups per day of fat-free or low-fat milk or   equivalent milk products. If you met   this, list the 2 milk/or milk equivalents   you consumed, if not, list the 4 milk/ or milk equivalents you are willing to   consume.  ___/2 points

Consumed    Willing to consume

1. 1.

2. 2.

The   Dietary Guidelines recommend a variety of fruits and vegetables each day. In   particular, select from all 5 vegetable subgroups (dark green, orange,   legumes, starchy vegetables, and other vegetables) several times a week.   Record if you consumed a fruit or vegetable in the following categories. If you didn’t consume any, what fruit or   vegetables are you willing to try?

Categories consumed 

Dark   Green:_______________________________


Starchy   vegetable:___________________________ 

Willing to try 

Dark   Green:_______________________________


Starchy   vegetable:___________________________   ___/3 points

Calculations and discussion of BMI, BMR, and EER; compare with recommendations ( ___/9 points).

Show the calculations and then say what your results indicate. For example, when you calculate EER say the number of calories represent, or what the number for the BMI signifies etc. 


Interpretations/ Implications   




Recommendations, at least five bulleted points (___/10 points).

Here you will type your five recommendations after analyzing your food intake. Note, don’t just write any generic dietary guidelines; examine your results and make your recommendations form your personal results. For example, if you had sufficient dietary fiber, do not make a recommendation about increasing fiber intake. 


At least FIVE references from journal articles. (___/5 points)

Use appropriate citation style for your major. 

BONBUS SECTION (____/10 points) 


Recommendations   and unit of measurement taken from your profile page.

First Intake 

Corrected intakes 

This table is for the bonus section of your assignment. After re-entering a three-day menu and printing the results, use the printouts to complete the table. Choose any ten nutrients that need correcting form your first print outs to complete the table. Include the new printout of this second 3-day average. Write a paragraph commenting on the new 3-day nutrient analysis. (10 points)