Florida has three distinct heritages. Explain how each have influenced the development of Florida politics.

Within Florida, there are three types of heritages which include Spanish Heritage, Frontier Heritage, and Southern Heritage. Based on studies performed about Florida it could be seen why Spanish Heritage plays such a prominent role in Florida’s politics as a great percentage of the state’s population consists of Hispanic citizens. The majority of these citizens reside in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties. By there being a high percentage of Hispanics within Florida, this has allowed for the state to be diversified and it has enriched the political discourse. Hence, this makes the Hispanic vote in Florida powerful as it plays a great role during elections.
Additionally, when it comes to Frontier Heritage, it could be seen how the Everglades, the Turnpike, Seminole Reservations, System of Forts, and Seminole Wars, played a prominent role as they were barriers that protected Florida. In terms of politics, forts that are now named as Fort Myers, Fort Pierce and many more continue to have a legacy as they were once used to protect the white population, and this can be seen in the war of attrition. Also, as a result of this, Seminole rights were put in place to protect their tribe.
Lastly, in reference to Southern Heritage, could be seen within Florida as its population mostly speaks Spanish. This is because the majority of the population is Hispanic, but if you drive more up north, towards Stewart, a great difference can be seen as people begin to speak differently; with a different accent that can only be heard in Southwest Florida