Go to the following website

Instructions: Go to the following website  http://www.dnai.org/d/index.html

Use of DNA Analysis in Identification, Health, & Human Origins

And select “Recovering the Romanovs” (2nd button on the bottom left).  Some browsers may have Adobe flash player blocked, you can enable or use a different browser (Microsofts Internet Explorer should work)

Read the sections “The Romanov Family”, “The Mystery of Anna Anderson” and “Science Solves a Mystery”

In a 3-4 page position paper, argue for who you think Anna Anderson really is. Make sure to summarize who the Romanov family is, the history, and the mystery of Anna Anderson. In your paper discuss the evidence used. Also discuss what mitochondrial DNA is  and how comparisons of Mitochondrial DNA differs from other types of DNA comparisons. Discuss what scientific proof was used to establish her identity. As part of your paper, make sure to include a figure that details the genetic proof that establishes whether  or not she is who she claims to be and explain what and how the comparison is made.