highly encouraged.

Answer any FIVE and no more than FIVE of the following EIGHT questions.

The use of external references is expected and highly encouraged. These include books, journals, web references, etc. Please cite references appropriately at the end of each answer. Use APA or MLA format. Also can use diagrams for explanation.


  1. What is cloud computing from a “* as a Service” perspective? How does virtualization work on say, VirtualBox? What role does virtualization play on the cloud platform?
  2. What are some differences between using a Cat6 cable and Wi-Fi for say, watching Netflix? What security implications can you think of between the two approaches? Use layers to explain.
  3. What are the advantages of IPv6 over IPv4? Why is security often considered to be a major advantage in IPv6?
  4. What is cloud orchestration? What are some advantages of using a cloud orchestration platform (such as Juju)? What role does orchestration play in scalability of a business?
  5. What are hybrid mobile apps? What are some advantages of this approach? What role does the cloud play in hybrid mobile apps?
  6. Why is a mobile phone network called a cellular phone network? Use a diagram to describe. How is 3G cellular different from 4G (LTE) cellular? What are some new things to expect with 5G?
  7. Describe the purpose of Domain Name Service (DNS). Why is it dangerous to use a central DNS service like Dyn? What would happen if someone were to hack into the DNS systems worldwide?
  8. Describe IoT. What are some challenges with respect to scalability and security of IoT?

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