I suggest you start to work on it on Monday.

This essay is due Tuesday.  I suggest you start to work on it on Monday. Please do not reuse texts submitted to previous classes, if you already took bio 1 before, thank you. Please make sure you do a word count, your text should a word doc of at least 1200 word long that you will upload in the dropbox. It needs to answer all aspects of the question.  Once you have uploaded your text, wait a few minutes and then check the similarity report it should say 20 % or less. if it is above please modify your text and lower this similarity to 20 % and resubmit to the dropbox. If it is 50% or above it will receive a temporary 0 until redone.
Please make sure you do enough research so you have enough info to put in your essay , you need to use at least 3 reliable sources ( no wiki sources). I suggest you spend 2 days working on your essay. please do not wait Tuesday to work on it , as you may not have enough time to complete it, thank you.
sincerely, Dr Guyot



Eukaryotic cell: http://www.biology.arizona.edu/cell_bio/tutorials/pev/page3.html

Khan academy eukaryote cell: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/structure-of-a-cell/prokaryotic-and-eukaryotic-cells/a/intro-to-eukaryotic-cells

Nature.com: https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/eukaryotic-cells-14023963

If you do not know how to build your essay , then here is a template you can follow

Introduction  what is a cell, why do biologist study cells? – 100 words

state what is the difference between prokaryote and eukaryote, when did they appear on earth for each group, are they related?   What does the term organelle means – 200 words

what is a membrane in the cell, what is it made of,  what is its job and where do you find it?  – 250 words

Describe  the various  organelles found in a  eukaryotic cell.   Tell the job for each organelle and if it is membranous or not, contrast plant cell and animal cell  -550 words

Conclusion why is it  important to have organization in a cell?  -100 words

List of reference