Identify a way in which an individual develops a credible persona, both in person and online.

 Identify a way in which an individual develops a credible persona, both in person and online.

Student 1 Idea

“A person develops a credible persona, both in person and online by being honest, having integrity, being competent, transparent, having good judgement and being liked by others. It takes all these qualities to truly be credible. If one lacks just one, you have now made yourself no longer credible to a teammate, your leadership or even the general public. Being a credible person is challenging, it takes time and effort. It is okay to make mistakes, but to keep your credibility, you must own it and take responsibility and let people know what you are going to do to fix it.

An example of how I personally have built a credible persona at work is by always following through on my commitments. If I am not able to make my commitment by the agreed date, I will work with the person to whom I have agreed and come up with a new plan. I will not just ‘blow’ them off. I have also found that building trusting relationships with teammates and leadership has not only allowed me to grow, but I have also built a nice network of people. In this network, there is always someone that is able to help out, answer a question, or just offer some advice or a solution to a situation or problem. This form of credibility is good for everyone.” –

Student 2 Idea

“In today’s society, it is easy to develop an online persona that can determine our success, professionally and personally. Our current forms of in-person communication have regressed in my opinion but are still just as important when trying to build a reputation. Our moral and personal appearance can reflect our professional work ethic, and employers may look into using such factors to determine whether you are a good “fit” for their firm or etc.

For example, your personal opinions on your social media account may not affect your career, but how you speak to your friends and family depicts your personality and emotional intelligence. Responses to your loved ones, such as “I’m a good listener” or “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you”, show that you are considerate, loyal, and dependable.

Responses to your professional peers, such as “I want to share my experiences and ideas” or “I want to learn about you”, indicate that you have a caring and open-minded personality.

Speaking to someone in person and having the same responses as your online page can make a bigger impact on your persona. Your facial expressions and hand gestures can give the other person a sense of comfort and transparency. The ability to fluently speak with others can take a person’s career further than just their education, I have personally seen it.”

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