If it is evident that you did not prepare

Guidelines for Research Report & Presentation
MSCI 1501K, Fall 2019
Your successful report MUST include

Cover page
(Title, your name, “MSCI 1501K Introduction to Marine Biology”, date submitted, and
instructor’s name (Dwight Ebanks, Ph.D.). For example:
The Sea Squirt
Didemnum vexillum
Jonathan Doe
MSCI 1501K.01 Introduction to Marine Biology
Submitted XX Month XXXX
Instructor: Dwight Ebanks, Ph.D.

Length & General Specifications
: Cover page plus 2 pages of text minimum -3 pages of text maximum,
double-spaced, typed.  After the text, there will be a Literature Cited section.

: Times New Roman, 12-point OR Arial, 12-point.  Whichever font-type you select, stick with it for the
whole document.

your report be reviewed prior to submission.

Quotations are not allowed.

for the different sections.

There must be an introduction and conclusion section.

Topical Instructions:
This report is on the marine animal for which you were approved (only 1 species).  If you were not
approved for an animal you cannot proceed.  You MUST get approval first.  A successful report will include
the following elements
in the order
(do not combine sections) listed below about the animal that you
– Introduction
– Taxonomic classification (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species) (learn to
pronounce these for your presentation)
– Habitat
– Reproductive strategy
– Morphology (size, shape, appearance)
– Ecology (How does your animal interact with its environment and the other animals in its habitat?)
– Unique traits/characteristics
– Conclusion
***Note: You will be the only student reporting on your animal so go all out and give as much detail as
possible.  You are to focus on your species and not other similar animals even if they are in the same
Citations!!! (minimum: 2 not including the text book or websites, all citations must be in
the text)

As you know,
plagiarism is not tolerated
at SSU (see your Student Handbook) so if you utilize anyone’s
words, work, or other published document, you MUST cite your source using the following styles:
Journal Article
(Year). Title of article.
Marshall, W., Bryson, S. and Wood, C.
(1992). Calcium transport by isolated skin of rainbow trout.
of Experimental Biology
(Year). Title of book, ed(s). Name of editors. Place of Publication: Publisher. Number of pages pp.
Doe, J. B.
(1963). Life in the Urban Setting, eds. R. Smith and K. B. Jefferson. New York: Creighton
Publishers. 429 pp.
Book Section
Author(s) of section.
(Year). Title of section. In
Title of book
, ed(s). Name of editors, pp. pages. Place of
Publication: Publisher.
Morrill, J. B.
(1982). Development of the pulmonate gastropod,
. In
Developmental Biology of
Freshwater Invertebrates
, eds. W. Harrison and R. F. Cowdon, pp. 399-483. New York: Alan R. Liss.
If you have other types of references or feel that you need to use a website for a reference, please ask me
specifically about that source.  Websites must be approved before you can use them.  Sources geared toward
Wikipedia, and similar sources will not be accepted as references.  They are a great place to
start your search but cannot be used as the final word.
Presentation to BE GIVEN IN CLASS:
No less than 5 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes.  If it is evident that you did not prepare, you will
be penalized.
You are free to make any kind of presentation (except Power Point, Prezi, or the like, and quiz
games) you like, but it must be family friendly (no profanity etc.).  Topics from 3 chapters, other than the
chapter in which your animal may have been discussed, must be incorporated at a minimum.  You must also
identify which chapter the information comes from and explain how it is relevant.  You must educate the class
about your selected animal.  You will also be asked at least one question by your peers or the instructor.
Only one, not to exceed 30 seconds.
Reading your written report is not acceptable.  Each student will give a presentation and will be called to do so,
based on your sign-up date.  ALSO, part of your grade will be based on your participation (asking the presenter
Submission Schedule:
30 OCT 2019:
Topic Approval (you must have the genus, species, and common name) & Sign up
18 NOV 2019:
All Papers DUE

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