Information Literacy Quiz – 1- 15, Answers on Request

Question 1
The broadest type of search, which looks for your terms anywhere, is:
Subject search
Keyword search
Author search
Title search

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Question 2

You are writing a paper on climate change, but you first need to find a brief explanation of “greenhouse gases” for your introduction. What would be the best source for finding some credible, brief background information?
Look up “greenhouse gases” in an online encyclopedia or dictionary through the CSN Library Services website.  
Search for books on climate change in the library catalog
Use a search engine to locate websites that mention “greenhouse gases”
Search for journal articles about “greenhouse gases”

Question 3

When evaluating the credibility of information found on a website it is important to consider:
Objectivity – unbiased information
All of the above
Authority – expertise of the author
Currency of information
Accuracy of information

Question 4

You need to find current journal articles about stem cell research for a biology class. What is the best way to get started?
Ask your friend  
Search the library catalog for books on stem cell research 
Search for websites using Google
Use a library research database

Question 5

/ 5 pts

Psychology class debate topic: “Should Asperger’s Syndrome be considered a separate disorder from autism?” What are the two most important keywords or phrases would you use to look up information on this topic?

Autism and disorder

Autism and vaccination
Asperger’s Syndrome and autism
Asperger’s Syndrome and separate

Question 6

Paraphrasing, or summarizing the words and ideas of someone else, without giving credit in your research paper is not considered plagiarism.

Question 7

/ 5 pts
The “call number” which you find for any book in the library catalog:
Is the date the book was published
Tells where the book is shelved in the library
Tells how many books have been found with your search
Is the number to call the reference desk for help

Question 8

/ 5 pts

The following MLA citation is an example of what type of information source?

Bryson, Robert. Evolution: A Historical Perspective. New York: Greenwood Press, 2008. Print.

Magazine article
Newspaper article

Question 9

/ 5 pts
Books in the library are organized by:
Year of publication
Alphabetically by title
Alphabetically by author

Question 10

/ 5 pts
You are looking for United States population statistics to support an argument in a research paper you are writing. Which website below would provide the most reliable numbers?

Question 11

An article abstract is:
A brief summary of the article’s content
A list of references at the end of the article
The name of the journal, the author, and publication information
The full text of the article

Question 12

Below is an APA citation for a scholarly journal article. What is the title of the journal?

Harrison, M. A. (2011). College students’ prevalence and perceptions of text messaging while driving. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 43(4), 1516-1520. doi:10.1016/j.aap.2011.03.003

College students’ prevalence and perceptions of text messaging while driving
Accident Analysis & Prevention  
Harrison, M. A.

Question 13

Research databases available from the CSN Library Services website can be accessed 24/7 from any location by:
All Nevada residents with a valid library card
Anyone who has ever attended CSN
Anyone with internet access, since they are free
Students currently enrolled in any CSN class

Question 14

Information you find on the Internet:
Is much more reliable than books, magazines, and journals
Is required by international law to be accurate, current, and unbiased
Is factual since Internet content is monitored by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Comes from a variety of sources, such as business, the government, or private citizens

Question 15

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For a psychology class you are asked to write a four-page paper on some aspect of: “Renewable Energy.” Which of the following is NOT a narrower topic of this broad topic?Geothermal energy

Solar energy

Wind power
Offshore drilling

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