. Introduction Medicaid clients

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses informed decision toolbox. Introduction Medicaid clients are those who have low income and needy and these may involve children, pregnant women, adults with dependent children, individuals with disabilities and 65 years old and over. These individuals surely would rely on the government’s subsidy in order to meet their health care needs. It is however important to consider that as a manager of a country clinic, financial constraints is a great area of consideration prior to the actual provision of care to Medicaid clients. For instance, the department declaring a budget cut by 15 percent would substantially affect the quality of care that Medicaid clients would receive for their actual health care needs. Thus, as a manager, there are important things that need to be implemented without compromising the actual quality of health care that clients will receive even though budget constraint is substantially present. Things to do It is important to understand that reliance on consultants for instance adds up to the actual cost of clinical services for the healthcare needs of a Medicaid population. Consultant fee is part of the administrative cost in the entire US health care system. The cost of administering health care system in the US is a fundamental huge source of expense compared to other countries like Canada which in 2007 had only estimated cost of only 16.7 percent compared to 31 percent in the former (Weinberg, 2007). Thus, it would make sense not to rely so much on consultants in order to cut expense on the cost of administering the entire health care system in the US. There could be additional saving of expenses that will be incurred in doing this. In order to implement this, the use of Informed Decisions Toolbox is found to be beneficial. This toolbox helps managers to decide things based on remarkable form of evidence. This is therefore an integral component of evidence-based management. Applying this in the context of the healthcare system will substantially result to evidence-based healthcare which involves three main stages such as “producing evidence, making evidence available, and using evidence” (Gray, 2009, p.17). In other words, by making the evidence reliable, clinical services for Medicaid population will less likely to rely on consultants at some certain point. Thus, this would probably reduce the administering health care cost for the Medicaid population. At least, this would back up certain portion of amount from the total expenses to be incurred for health care needs of the Medicaid population. Tool to use Informed Decisions toolbox for assessing the accuracy of information is therefore important to be used in order to ensure the right one is obtained prior to the actual decision-making process. It is important to make sure that the information obtained is accurate so that the reliance on outside source of information may potentially decrease and it will eventually minimize the cost associated with this activity. It is always a point of this activity to come up with reliable sources of information and once this is obtained, assessment is necessary so as to create any evaluative measure that will substantially verify whether what has been obtained can be fully relied on or not.

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