Leading Change

The principles of Understanding and Leading Change enable employees to anticipate, plan and deliver organisational change with predetermined, appropriate and timely interventions to a business’s operations to maximise benefits and minimise adverse risk that may result from change.


You are a business analyst for a section within the Emirates Airlines Group that is looking to develop their strategy building to incorporate change on a business. Assess the affected behaviour and suggest adequate and formalised measures that would minimise any negative impact on the organisations during a global pandemic outbreak.

Assignment 1- An individual written comparative report and should include the following:

The recommended word limit is 1,500 to 2,000 words

1.     A cover page, an introduction and assessment to three drivers and impacts of change and how each affects organisational strategy and operations as a direct result of the pandemic.

2.     An overview of the organisation’s case studies.

3.     A PEST/SWOT analysis to be undertaken for each case study to identify drivers of change.

4.     Analysis for the organisation on the drivers discussed and their effect on the impact of change upon the organisation’s strategy and operations.

5.     Evaluation of how change will have affected leadership, individuals and team behaviour.

6.     Evaluate how the impact of change was minimised and the application of appropriate models to process change efficiently.

7.     Offer sound recommendations using valid reasoning for planning for change and applying change impact analysis.

Assignment 2- An electronic presentation with notes submitted in a PDF format:

The recommended word limit is 1,500 words, including speaker notes, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.

1.     Introduction to the case study organisation.

2.     Application of force field analysis to determine opposition and support for change.

3.     An explanation of the different barriers to change and how they influenced decision making and leadership for that organisation.

4.     How was change accomplished and how successful was it?

5.     Advantages and disadvantages of different leadership approaches to dealing with change, illustrated by application to a range of examples within appropriate frameworks or models.

Instructions and guidance brief for submissions

·      Digital format reports should be concise, and presentations contain summaries of points only

·      All digital formats must be submitted through Moodle and may be penalised for late submission

·      While completing the assignment, you need to address all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria as specified for pass, merit and distinction grades.

·      You are required to pass all P’s to achieve an overall pass, pass all the M’s to achieve an overall merit plus pass all the P’s, and pass all the D’s to achieve an overall distinction plus pass all the P’s and M’s.

·      You will be given only one chance of a resubmission and this is capped to a pass grade only.

·      A relevant cover page must be submitted with the report


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