The nonverbal messages I use throughout my video are facial expressions, eye contact, and body language.

Facial expressions are a dead giveaway, I think it can be very hard to control them sometimes because they almost happen out of instinct. Its way easier to read someone by homing in on their facial ques. I think the vast majority of the class might also struggle with controlling their expressions.

Looking back at my introduction video I noticed I kept looking off to the sides as I was talking. I think my main issue was trying to maintain eye contact with myself and I found it to be a bit awkward. I think if I focused on my forehead or nose during the presentations I could correct that issue no problem.

With body language I use my hands A LOT when I talk. I come from a long line of excitable southern belles who like to really get their point across and I think its just bred into me.(joke) I think for some people seeing someone use their hands while their talking could set the tone for the importance of the topic. However, for most people I’m sure its really distracting and takes their attention away from what you have to say. In my introduction video I kept my elbows on the table and my hands crossed on front of me and it really helped to not use them a lot. I think if I made a conscious effort I could keep my hand gestures to a minimum.


After going back and watching my initial speech I picked up several non-verbal habits that both help my delivery and hinder it. I noticed that I often look away from the audience. I assume this is my, “tell”, that shows when I am uncomfortable or I don’t feel confident. The non-verbal habits that help my delivery are my facial expressions. I have always been told that people know how I feel just based off of my facial expressions. I do not hide my true feelings well, even in times where I might need to.

As I prepare for this upcoming speech assignment, my goal is to maintain eye contact with the camera. I plan on practicing my speech delivery multiple times before submitting it this time. Not only will the practice help with my non-verbal habits it will also help build confidence in my verbal delivery. With a commemorative speech I believe my facial expressions will aide in making it more genuine and heartfelt. I always feel more connected to the speaker when they are more animated than monotone. My goal is to make sure I stay focused and animated enough to capture the audiences’ attention throughout the entire speech.


Giving a speech has never been an easy task for me to accomplish. I tend to stress a lot even when I am fully prepare and lose my train of though. Among my bad habit I have when giving a speech there are two particular bad nonverbal communication habits that I tend to display.  The first one will be the tone of my voice. Regardless whether I am trying to convince or just giving an informative speech I am usually too calm when giving a speech even when I know I should adjust my voice to match the importance of what I am saying and would start speaking too fast and find myself out of breath. The second bad that undermine my message would be the use of my fingers. I tend to weird things with my hands when I give a speech. I just don’t know what to do with them.

A nonverbal that would be an asset would be making eye contact. When the room is full i quickly browse the room or stare at a blank spot. As I prepare for my next speaking assignment. I will rehearse multiple time and record the video multiple time, watch and correct each of my bad habits.


Nonverbal communication defined in our textbook as communicating without speech with the inclusion of “our tone of voice and other non-vocal components such as personal appearance, posture, gestures and body movements, eye behavior, the way we use space, and even the way that we smell” (Public Speaking: Virtual Text, 4). Nonverbal communication habits that I posses and are able to do well are smell, tone of voice, and the way I am able to use my space. A big nonverbal communication is smell. I, personally, know that the way people smell can affect communication so I am diligent about ensuring that I smell good but also not overpoweringly good. Being in an online class I typically do my assignments at home in my comfortable clothes, so personal appearance is not one of my strong nonverbal factors in my speeches which is one habit that I will consider during my next speech. I also could focus more on hand gestures and eye contact with the camera to better connect with those who listen to my speeches. During my next speech I plan to put more effort in my presentation of myself and I will add in more hand gestures to influx my points as well as doing my best to connect with the listeners through the lens.



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