how to answer these questions below:

1.For many years, Procter & Gamble (P&G) viewed

its Ivory soap as just plain old soap. P&G focused on how well it made Ivory soap and not on what customers wanted from a bar of soap. What type of orientation did the company have?

a. sales

b. production

c. market

d. customer

2.Mimi fashion designers use computer-assisted design software to create what it thinks women should wear. The company regularly hires industry experts to examine its factories to find waste that can be eliminated. For the last two years Mimi has lost money. What should the company do?

a. hire more retail efficiency experts to trace down any production problems

b. increase its sales force to find more potential customers for the firm

c. focus on its target market to see what needs and wants should be met by Mimi

d. cut prices so that its prices will be at least 10 percent below those of its competitors

3.Which of the following is a drawback of the sales-orientation philosophy?

a. It gives excessive importance to the needs and wants of the marketplace.

b. It cannot convince people to buy goods that are neither wanted nor needed.

c. It places little emphasis on the assessment of manufacturing plants and facilities.

d. It gives importance to the production function over other functions.

4.Livin’ Styles is a home décor company that is well known for its varieties of designs. The management of Livin’ Styles collaborates with its customers and co-creates designs. What does this example illustrate?

a. following a sales orientation

b. focusing on environmental value

c. delegating authority

d. creating customer value

5.What is created when customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value-based price are met or exceeded?

a. a value line b. quality products c. dissonance excellence d. customer satisfaction

6.Which of the following best describes customer relationship management?

a. It involves targeting the average customer or everybody.

b. It involves establishing and tracking customer interactions with the company.

c. It considers all customers as one large group that should be targeted with a single promotional strategy.

d. It is used by sales-oriented firms to convince customers to buy their products.

7.What marketing tools does an organization use to achieve its goals?

a. advertising and personal selling

b. production, promotion, and pricing

c. the marketing mix

d. aggressive promotion

8.Which of the following strategies are put into place by a company that has a market orientation?

a. integration of all the activities of the firm to satisfy customer wants

b. focus on company needs and wants

c. differentiation of the firm’s products from other firms’ products

d. sales growth fuelled through the application of aggressive sales techniques


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