Marketing Executive Committee


You are a ‘hotshot’ young marketing executive on your way up the corporate ladder. You work for a major corporation that owns / manages many national consumer brands.
You are not a member of the “Marketing Executive Committee” (this group includes the senior staffers, all with +15 years of marketing background). Your boss sees promise in you, so she has arranged for you to produce an ‘analysis’ for the committee. You are to select a paper title from the options below. Write the paper to educate the well-versed marketing pros. Bring new knowledge to them because they already know a lot of the old history.

The paper should be a minimum of 1,500 words, but no more than 2,000 words. It should include at least one table/graph. You are highly encouraged to also use pictures/graphics, if that will help communicate your message. You cannot answer all questions in this brief paper. You are providing a framework for further discussion/investigation, all grounded in current data. Keep in mind that, for many of these senior marketing executives, this is their first exposure to you, so one of your main goals is to impress them with your communication skills and your depth of understanding in the marketing topic selected. Select one of the topics below and begin collecting the latest data in trusted publications.

In all cases below, you are speaking for a large national brand. Good luck. HOW TO FIGHT PRIVAT LABEL BRANDS FROM THE RETAILER WHO IS OUR PARTNER (and also our competitor). WHAT IS THE RIGHT NUMBER OF LINE EXTENSIONS FOR OUR LEADING BRAND (and when are we hurting our brand with too many or too few choices). HOW HAS THE U.S.A. CONSUMER CHANGED OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS AND HOW ARE THEY EXPECTED TO CHANGE OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS (and how does this guide our brand to use a revised communication program). Key areas for grading: (a) is the writing error-free, with solid sentence and paragraph structure, (b) is the manuscript easy to follow from the opening to the conclusion, (c) do I leave the paper with new knowledge, (d) is formal APA writing / referencing used, (e) does the writer add color, graphics, etc. to add information/interest to an otherwise formal manuscript, and (f) am I impressed with the research and conclusions developed by this unknown marketing ‘hotshot’.



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