McDonald’s Corporation

  1. Name and location of the company

McDonald’s Corporation is the name of the company, and Chicago is its location. McDonald’s is one of the best-selling and most renowned fast-food company in the world. Cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, chips, sandwiches, salads, children’s meals, and more are part of the menu. The business is divided into franchise enterprises; the business owns about 30 percent of the total McDonald’s outlets. In the restaurant, franchise owners must operate, and may not be a team or another business (winmo).

  1. Job Title

            The title of the job is Cashier. A cashier collects customer’s orders, switches customers when appropriate, and supports self-order kiosks (betterteam). Cashier responsibilities at McDonald’s include:

  1. Keep a fast service pace, particularly throughout rush times,
  2. Take customer’s orders and type your options into the computer systems of the restaurant.
  3. Organize orders on trays or in bags dependent on the order type.
  4. Process large event orders
  5. List the minimum job qualifications (including education and experience needed)

            It is normally required for cashiers and has at least a high school or GED certificate. A cashier in mathematics and economics classes with high grades would have a natural ability set for the duties they would have as a cashier. While a cashier typically does not need post-secondary education, employers can favor applicants with a stronger academic background, and an affiliate’s or Bachelor of Science in a business-related field can provide a basis for a cashier to pursue a promotion in their field.

If they have no retail experience, when they start their positions, cashiers typically undergo between one and four weeks of on-the-job training. Cashiers who obtain their place from a trying to bag or stocking place as a role change or an improvement may require less training. In certain situations, a business would make its cashiers attend a specific training program that requires certification of a cashier.

  1. Why are you interested in this position? What steps would you need to take to be considered for this position?

            I am interested in this position because it gives me the chance to have outstanding customer service and is in their hands to make an impression. And although the cashier job does not require much preparation, workers must deal with long hours on their feet, potentially angering consumers and repetitive work. I like to communicate with new customers and have been pretty good at operating a cash register. Working as a cashier is also a way of progressing to other retail occupations (collegegrad). For example, with experience, cashiers could become customer service agents or consumer spending employees. Below are the steps that need to be taken to be considered for this position:

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