minimal encourage

1.View the below video of Miguel and Kelly Cervantes. You are not viewing this to learn about what they are discussing; you are viewing it as though you are “listening to their story” and using the video to think about how you would/could/might best respond using: 

•Identifying FEELINGS and emotions •Questioning 

2.  While viewing the video, you will pause at the following spots and do the following:

1):17 – write a verbal “minimal encourage” based on what Miguel just shared. What would 1-2 words be that go right along with what he is sharing, that are also encouraging him to continue to talk and not putting the focus on the listener? 2)2:00 – Write a “Reflection of feeling” based on what Kelly has shared so far 3)3:03 – Write a “paraphrase” (of the CONTENT, not the feelings that have been shared so far with a checkout 4)3:49 – Write a “reflection of feeling” based on what Miguel has just shared 5)After the video: This week was about the “reflection of feeling” and also about “questioning”. I intended to ask you to “ask a question” in response to this 5-minute video, but I decided not to do so. Based on what you’ve learned about listening skills, why do you think I decided to skip the “questioning” from this video clip?