MISCONCEPTION: Evolution is just’ a theory. 

Misconceptions about evolution

1. Choose and sign up for a “misconception”.

  •  MISCONCEPTION: Evolution is just’ a theory.
  •  CORRECTION: This misconception stems from a mix-up between casual and scientific use of the word theory. In everyday language, theory is often used to mean a hunch with little evidential support. Scientific theories, on the other hand, are broad explanations for a wide range of phenomena. In order to be accepted by the scientific community, a theory must be strongly supported by many different lines of evidence. Evolution is a well-supported and broadly accepted scientific theory; it is not �just’ a hunch. To learn more about the nature of scientific theories, visit the Understanding Science website.

2. Go to the Understanding Evolution Website and read through the explanation for the misconception you signed up for.

3. Copy and paste the misconception and correction explanation provided by the “Understanding Evolution” website to the beginning of your discussion.

4. Then discuss in your own words the misconception and correction. Points you can consider addressing in your discussion:

  • What were your initial thoughts about the misconception?
  • Did your understanding and/or perspective change after reading the correction?
  • Do you agree/disagree with anything?
  • Were you surprised by anything or did you learn anything?
  • Any other thoughts you have about the topic.