model minority

The idea that Asian Americans (ASAMs) are the “model minority” (MM) is deeply entrenched in the US consciousness. The MM was introduced to you on the 2/13 alternative assignment presentation, and we’ve continued to refer to it throughout class sessions, but this week’s reading takes a deep dive into what the idea of the MM may convey.

First, read the Pew Research Center’s report “Rise of the Asian Americans” and answer the following questions in about 150 words: In what light does the Pew Research Center’s report represent Asian Americans? Justify your response with evidence from the text. Are there claims that you would assert as being true, or claims that you would argue as being false or flawed? How does this relate to the MM? Lastly, name one statistic or fact from the report that stands out to you, either because it seems true, ridiculous, wrong, funny, dangerous, etc. (You don’t have to explain why you chose this or interpret the information. Just stating it is fine.)

Then, read the AAPIPRC’s “Letter to the Pew Research Center” (short one page letter). A small number of Asian American scholars came together to reject “Rise of the Asian Americans.” In another 150 words respond to the following: What is there reason for rejecting the report? What are the dangerous they perceive from the report?