modern definition of psychology?

1)  In your own words, what is the modern definition of psychology?

2)  In your own words, how do the perspectives of psychology today (behaviorism, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and cross-culture psychology) DIFFER?

3)  Psychology takes a biopsychosocial approach to explain human behavior and mental processes.  In your own words, explain the biopsychosocial approach and the 3 influences on behavior.  Give a personal example of each of the 3 influences on your own behavior.

4)  Explain the 2 dialogue skills for critical thinking.  How can they improve critical thinking and social interactions?

5)  In your own words, define memory.

6)  What  is the difference between recall and recognition?

7) What are the 3 basic phases in the  process of memory?

8)  In your own words, explain the Atkinson-Shiffrin 3-stage information processing model and how the concept of working memory updates it.

9)  What is the difference between retrieval practice and spaced practice?

10)  Explain levels of processing and making material personally meaningful.

11)  What are some effortful strategies that you can use to remember new information?

12)  In your own words, explain the  differernces between the  implicit and explicit memory systems.

13)  What is one study approach in the Putnam et al. article that you would like to try?  Explain the  approach and why you chose it.