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Unlike Rousseau and Jefferson, who maintain that government results from a social contract or from

the consent of the governed, ____________ and ____________ claim that government (and all other social institutions) results from class struggles in which seeks to economically dominate all others.

Nellie Wong; Emma Goldman

Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels

Karl Marx; Charles Mills

Friedrich Engels; Albert Camus

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In an argument for more freedom for teachers in the classroom, ____________ examines the fundamental concepts of democracy and contends that democracy represents the best means of social interaction.

Thomas Jefferson

John Dewey

Nellie Wong

Friedrich Engels

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Allen uses the term ____________ to refer to Native American systems of government that fuse pluralistic democracy with a recognition of the central importance of the power of women.





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Gandhi expresses the principles behind his method of resistance with the term ____________, which does not involve violence of any kind. He stresses that this is not passive resistance because a person must make an active decision to resist.


wu wei

Mitakuye Oyasin


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____________ writes that a government’s legitimacy comes from the consent of the people being governed.

Thomas Jefferson

Friedrich Engels

Charles Mills

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Thoreau advised that whenever a government engages in any activity that violates the dictates of conscience, citizens are morally required to make sure they don’t directly or indirectly support the actions of that government. This is referred to as ____________.




civil disobedience

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____________ argues that contemporary ideals of freedom and tolerance are derived from the pluralistic democracies of Native Americans and not from European models.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Paula Gunn Allen

Nellie Wong

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____________ argues that whenever a government engages in any activity that violates the dictates of conscience, the legitimacy of that government is necessarily suspect.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Henry David Thoreau

Stokely Carmichael

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____________ contends that human solidarity results from the struggle for individual freedom.

John Stuart Mill

Albert Camus

Mohandas Gandhi

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Rousseau contends that ____________ is the means by which humans form social institutions in order to assure their survival.



the racial contract

the social contract

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According to Wong, ____________ feminism is the only vehicle for resolving the problems of race, sex, sexual preference, and class struggle that pervade modern society.





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According to Dewey, ____________ is a way of life, not just a form of government.





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Socrates tells Crito that the obligation to ____________ is greater than any other obligation, including the obligation to one’s family.





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____________ argues that, because all forms of government are founded on violence, they are harmful and wrong; they should be abolished, to make way for a new society that recognizes unrestricted individual liberty.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Henry David Thoreau

Stokely Carmichael

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Unlike Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokely Carmichael does not consider ____________ to be an effective method of gaining equal rights and reversing the effects of racism.





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