most important to identify? 

Directions: Choose any two questions from Chapter 1 “Questions for Further Thought” on p. 20 of the textbook DSM-5 in Action, and choose an additional two questions from Chapter 2 “Questions for Further Thought on p. 67 of the textbook. In total, you will respond to four questions (two from Ch. 1, and two from Ch.2). Provide short answers of 100-150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses. Include at least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings.

Chapter One Questions


Is there a difference between the terms diagnosis and assessment How would you define the diagnostic assessment, and what client-relevant factors are the most important to identify?

Do you believe that use of the DSM as a diagnostic/assessment tool will facilitate your practice experience? Why or why not?

Chapter Two Questions


Is it important for mental health practitioners to be aware of the DSM and the ICD, and if so, why?

Why is it critical to realize and incorporate the mind-body connection when completing the diagnostic assessment?