NU 629 Week 1 Topic Choice: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population Specific Paper

Grading Category: Complete/Incomplete

Outline and Requirements for paper: See Week 10 Assignment: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Population-Specific Final Paper Submission for specific information.
Selecting your topic: Each student is to choose from the following list of topics of perceived vulnerable populations. The vulnerable population group you choose will be the focus of your paper that is due in Week 10. Please utilize your textbooks, the Regis Library, and other online resources to help develop all the required section content for this assignment.

  1. Your topic is chosen in Week 1.
  2. Work with SmartThinking to help develop your paper and address  the requirements for the assignment. NOTE: You are required to submit a SmartThinking report with your rough draft and with your final paper, so please plan accordingly.
    1.  When submitting to SmartThinking, if you submit under “nursing” you will get help with the paper’s content.
    2. If you submit under “writing” you will get help with APA formatting, grammar etc.
    3. You can choose to submit to one or both; however, only one SmartThinking Report is required to be submitted as explained in #2, but you will be graded on both aspects, so please review the Rubric as well.
  3. Your draft submission (Sections 1–3 minimum, 1-4, highly encouraged, so that faculty has the opportunity to review the entire paper and give feedback) and your SmartThinking report is due Week 6.
  4. Your final corrected paper (Sections 1–4) and your SmartThinking NEW report is due Week 10.


To choose your topic:

  1. Select the radio button next to the topic of your choice.
  2. Select Save my choice to log your selection.