Objective Write an essay that critically


Objective Write an essay that critically (and articulately) analyzes a science- or technology-related topic of broad societal relevance, impacting, for example: public health (vaccination, stem cell research); the environment (pollution, land-use, biodiversity); energy (renewables, nuclear); the future of humanity (space exploration, artificial intelligence). In discussing your topic and presenting your argument(s), be sure to address key issues involving ethical concerns, social, economic or religious implications, environmental consequences, etc.Requirements & GuidelinesThe submitted group essay (2 people) should address the chosen topic in a focused, well-written, and carefully organized way. Each group member will receive the same grade. (If there are concerns that someone isn’t pulling their weight, please let me know as soon as possible.) The submission is through online submission in myCourses. The name of your document should follow the format below:20SpringENGR2301_WritingAssgnmentI_James&MaryThe essay should include a bibliography of at least three (3) reputable sources, and in-text citations referencing these sources. There is no specific style requirement, but the chosen format should be consistent throughout the paper.The essays should be written using Microsoft Word with the font size of 12 and single line spacing. The total length of the essay should be at least two pages (excluding the bibliography). Like any good essay, the paper should include an introduction with a clearly-stated thesis; body paragraphssupporting the thesis; and a conclusion that summarizes the principal points made, and reiterates the thesis. For full credit:i. The main positions of opposing sides of the issue should be clearly identified and discussed.ii. The scientific merits of opposing arguments on all sides should be carefully assessed to the best of your ability, drawing from your knowledge of physics, chemistry, geology, biology, etc.; your research on the topic; and the strategies we are developing in class. iii. Other key aspects of the controversy—for example, social, economic, and political considerations—should also be discussed.iv. If possible, develop your own interpretation / solution to the issue or problem, based on the scientific merits identified (ii).Spelling, grammar, clarity, style, and effectiveness of argumentation will be taken into account in assigning a final grade.

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