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2) One Essay 2000 words on particular region of the world (35% of the grade). Undergraduates will submit 2000 words on a specific human rights issue in a particular region of the world. Paper Due: Early August Please focus on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you have been working on all throughout the semester (e.g. SDG 1 thru 17); your goal is to critically analyze a SDG in the context of UN's global goals and the human rights charter (as posted on BB and in the syllabus). A proposal outlining the focus of your final paper and presentation, the steps you will take to gather the required information, a realistic timeline for the realization of these steps, and the format for the presentation is due at the beginning of class on Mar 27th. Focus on the region you have been working on throughout the semester (e.g. Climate Action in China (SDG 13), Poverty in India (SDG 1)); your sub-goal is to analyze the SDG in a specific cultural context (as posted on BB and in the syllabus). Please sharpen your thesis further, building on the 2 smaller papers you have already completed successfully, that gave you insights into the specific issues you're concerned with; specific SDG goals in a specific region of the world will make your argument persuasive. For example, your thesis may be to demonstrate that China's climate action policy while concerted and strong when compared to already developed economies in US and EU, still needs to be more aggressive when it comes to coal production and emissions. You 5 may want to prove that point using China's ranking on the SDG Index, relatively low when compared with developed economies, with different energy needs. For example, you may want to show that poverty in India can be attacked using a multi- pronged approach, not just focusing on poverty reduction programs, but also looking at gender inequality (SDG 5) or looking at caste-discrimination (no SDG) or building infrastructure (SDG 9) and decent work programs (SDG 8). Here you will present data and research looking at the interconnections between different SDGs. Please state your thesis upfront — at the end of first paragraph or at the start of second – – so it is clear and strong. And then defend it in the following 3-5 paragraphs with illustrations and data and research to support your claims. Please include some semblance of an alternative theory to your main thesis, somewhere in the second half of the paper. This is the counter-argument to your main thesis. For example, you may cite that research shows poverty in India is due to corruption; until the societal corruption is fixed, India cannot fix poverty (SDG 1). Or, China's climate action is futile, because its energy demands due to industrialization demand high carbon production, not unlike the Western, rich, developed societies and economies, who sit on top of the global economy who have polluted the planet for the past 200 years (SDG 13). You can use interview data in the paper, using the SDG questionnaire posted on BB last week, and talked about at several points in the semester. Or, you can rely on open- ended interviews that relate directly to your thesis and counter-argument. You can also use any of the research articles in the reading or posted on the BB. Finally, for the word limit, this is a longer paper, and thus will require you to spend some time building your argumentation in the first half of the paper to support your thesis with different illustrations. In the second half of the paper, you may want to develop the alternative argument to your main thesis. And then end with a strong conclusion. Final essays should represent effective attempts to critically synthesize course materials. Responses must be typed and double-spaced in a12 pt. font and with1.25” margins. Each essay should be 2000 word for undergraduates. Again, your grade for the long papers will be determined by the following characteristics: 1) ability to craft an argument or be persuasive; 2) structure of the paper — opening thesis, argument vs. counterargument, and conclusion — and your ability to communicate the structure of the paper in a clear and concise manner; 3) original research undertaken for the paper; 4) how error-free or clean the paper is in terms of proofing and editing or how well the paper is written in a stylistic manner; 5) keeping to the word limit. I will consult with each student individually about their long papers.