One page for each question

One page for each question.

  • RNA polymerase has no proofreading capacity, unlike DNA ┬ápolymerase which does. How does this affect the error rate in transcription compared with DNA replication? Why do you think it is more important for DNA polymerase than for RNA polymerase to proofread?
  • Describe the effect a silent, nonsense, and missense mutation has on the DNA and on the resulting protein. Show me how the flow of central dogma is affected in your 3 examples. If the protein can be affected in multiple ways, describe all of them.
  • Explain how insertions and deletions can have either a HUGE effect on a protein or a very little. Be sure to mention the importance of the reading frame and how the reading frame is altered in various situations regarding insertions and deletions. Give examples, demonstrate the effect each has with an example.