Speaking Assignment 6: Beginning, ending, and making transitions in a speech (video and peer critique) No unread replies. No replies.



For this assignment, you will post a 4-5 minute extemporaneous speech that further builds on the topic you utilized in the previous speaking assignment. Your speech should show significant improvement from the previous speech in its beginning, ending, and transitions. In addition, you may need to do further research to provide better source material, and you may choose to change the organizational pattern of the speech, given what you learned from your classmates’ comments. Make sure to utilize your visual aid appropriately, as we learned in last weeks lesson. Your speech still should be extemporaneous and still should demonstrate rehearsal and attention to both the verbal and nonverbal messages you send.

  1. Create an appropriate visual aid for your final speech. Make sure to utilize the visual aid appropriately during your speech, as discussed in Chapter 13: Visual Aids. Your use of a visual aid is scored inside of the assignment rubric.
  2. Add your outline into the written portion of the textbox where you upload your speech. You will lose 10 points (after the final score is calculated) if you are missing an outline.
  3. Submit your video by uploading it to this assignment or by embedding a YouTube video. Videos that have been edited or that employ avatars will earn a grade of zero. If you are using YouTube, please make sure your video is not set to private. We cannot see videos that are set to private to grade them; therefore, any videos that are set to private will be given a zero grade.
  4. After you have posted your speech, watch the speeches of at least three of your classmates. In your responses, discuss the degree to which the beginning and end of the speech met their respective goals. Also discuss how the speaker moved between main points. Were the transitions choppy or fully developed? Was it hard to tell when the speaker moved from one main point to another? Did the transitions effectively bridge the gap between ideas? Were you able to recognize the elements of a successful speech in the final product?

Late Assignments Will Not Be Accepted. Upload early to avoid posting a late video due to long upload times that occur at the assignment deadline when multiple videos are being submitted.

Return to Module 2: Elements of Public Speaking

Advice for this assignment:

  • Start with a strong attention-getting device. Do not start with an formal introductions.
  • Use a credibility/ethos statement such as “I have done extensive research on…” or “I have x amount of experience with”…
  • Conduct research and cite all of your sources.
  • Create a strong thesis statement and include that statement in your introduction and conclusion.
  • Use transition statements such as “now that I have discussed…. I will inform you about….”.
  • Pan your three audience members to show that they are there, and then have one of them film you so that you are able to stand during your speech. Use strong nonverbal communication and gestures.
  • Dress in formal attire and practice your speech several times before you present to your audience.
  • Include a call-to-action and/or a strong closing statement.

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