Post a brief description of your results from the StrengthsFinder assessment. Then, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment.

Post a brief description of your results from the StrengthsFinder assessment. Then, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment. Be specific. Note: Be sure to attach your Signature Theme Report to your Discussion post.

According to (Royal, 2019), “There are many implications for the use of the Strengths Finder in higher education, particularly across academic disciplines in which fields are influenced by norms, cultures, and values that both attract individuals to a field and socialize them to become functional members of the disciplinary community.” Upon taking the strengths finder assessment, my “top 5 signature themes”, were 1. Competition, 2. Activator, 3. Communication, 4. Consistency, and 5. Positivity. 

I have always considered myself a competitive person, so it would make the most sense to me that my #1 theme would be “competition.” I perform my best when I know that the goal of “winning” is at hand. Communication which was my #3 theme, has always been something that I’ve considered myself to “come by” quickly. Communication is essential to me as I feel that it is your #1 way of getting what needs to be done, done. According to (Finset et al., 2020), “Accurate and well-developed health communication can facilitate how societies handle uncertainty and fear, promote and accomplish adherence to necessary behavior change, and meet individuals’ fear and foster hope in the face of a crisis.” Communication had a significant impact on our world throughout the pandemic. Effective communication is essential to me, and I believe it to be one of my most potent strengths to have. My #2 theme was “Activator.” Although being an “activator” can be positive when making things happen and getting the task done, it can also be harmful in the form of patience. I will be the first to admit I grow impatient very quickly. It is something I try to practice as often as possible because it is essential, and I need to develop better at becoming.

Consistency was my #4 theme. I strive to “check the boxes” in my day-to-day living. I like having a consistent schedule and plan regarding how my routine goes. I hope to become more at ease when it comes to not everything always being consistent in my life. Consistency is great, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay—consistency and patience and what I want to grow to become more aware of. 

Overall I believe that all 5 of my themes were relevant to me as a person. I strive to grow better at having patience and not shutting down when consistency waivers. Self awareness is essential (Cooke, 2021), and this assessment revealed more about me than I knew about myself when it came to my strengths and I am happy to understand and it explore more about them.

Core Values

My two core values which is consistent with what the StrengthsFinder assessment revealed is communication and futuristic. I am always thinking about the future and what it has in store for me and my family. I like to plan ahead and be ready to change things to make our life better, hence going back to school to further my education. It is important to be forward thinking to look to the future and have a clear vision about the work you are doing (Broome & Marshall, 2021). A nurse leader that has a forward-thinking approach will not turn away from a problem but rather find ways to approach the problem (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Communication is key in any relationship or workplace. I find this to be a very important value for me. We need consistent communication in the emergency department amongst the staff in order to provide the best quality of care for the patients. The same holds true with home life. My husband has a very busy schedule, and we need to communicate often, so that we can plan our schedules accordingly for our children.


Positivity is a strength of mine. I like to see the glass half full in most situations. I believe that if you see things in a negative way constantly, it is only causing you undue stress. I give praise to those that need it and I am quick to project my positive outlook onto others in order to brighten up their day. It can be as simple as telling someone when they did a good job at something. Positive reinforcement in a leadership role is important because it creates confidence in others (Broome & Marshall, 2021). My other strength is making people feel included. When you are working in a group, every member should feel included and feel like they are a part of the team. I accept everyone and do not cast judgments on people because I truly feel like putting up those walls would only make my life harder and more stressful. Many nurses can lead by inspiring and/or influencing. As a nurse leader, I would focus on inspiring others within my team to use their voices to empower them in making change (Collins, 2023). When I orient new nurses to our ER, I like to engage them in thinking for themselves. I ask them what their thoughts are on the patient’s care or how they would handle a certain situation. This helps them think on their own and makes them feel included in caring for the patients.

Characteristics to Strengthen

One characteristic that I think I could work on strengthening is the way I overthink things. My mind is constantly going and I am thinking about 20 different things at once. Some areas this could be good like when it comes to treating patients. I am consistently thinking of ways to help them or treatment options. When I have a critical patient in the ER, I constantly review their chart and care thinking of ways to help treat them. In my personal life, this may not be so good. The way I overthink things causes me some stress and difficulty sleeping at night. Another characteristic I could work on improving within myself is my confidence. I have been in a role as a nurse supervisor and continually questioned if I was doing a good job. I wanted my staff to feel like they could rely on me and I wanted their trust and respect. Nurse leaders can drive positive change in a workplace by admiration of their team and boosting morale (Bonatch, n.d.). This was always important to me. I wanted the morale of my department to always be good and sometimes it was quite difficult to keep it up.

Based on my StrengthsFinder results, my Signature Themes report outlined the top five areas where I excel are…

  1. Belief
  2. Harmony
  3. Correctness
  4. Consistency
  5. Learner

If you want to make the most of the skills that have led to your triumphs, your “Signature Themes” are crucial. Success in life and work can be achieved through repeatable, near-perfect performance by honing in on your individual and combined Signature Themes.

Core Values

Two core values that strength Finder listed were belief and harmony. I am family-oriented, value responsibility, and believe in the high ethical value of myself and others. My entire life, especially as an adult, I have let my relationship with God guide my values and have always seen myself as a servant leader. It is very easy for me to put others’ well-being before my own. That is part of the reason I have always been successful in the healthcare field. I also try very hard to avoid conflict. Other options may be explored to ensure that working together as a team is easy.


One of my strengths is correctness. It is described in the strength Finder as someone who believes we are all here to serve a purpose and nothing is a coincidence. I make sure every morning before I leave out of our house that we all pray and ask for guidance and to stay on the path that we should be on that day to help others. Following this plan makes my day less chaotic, and I can give all that needs to be given to my patients.

Another strength was being a learner. I have loved to learn new things throughout my entire life. This relates not only to my professional life but also my personal life. The more we know, the better we can share this knowledge with others. I was brought up that we never stop learning, and turning away from it would be foolish. Staff members look up to leaders who inspire and motivate them to do their best. When nurses are happy in their jobs, turnover rates go down, and retention rates go up (Robbins & Davidhizar, 2020).

Characteristics to Strengthen

One characteristic I would like to strengthen is the ability to set and maintain boundaries. As someone with a servant’s heart and letting my beliefs guide my life, I find myself having quite a difficulty telling others no. I take on more than I should a lot of the time. This leaves me feeling burned out, and I often need time off to recuperate. As I have gotten older, I have gotten better at telling others no or no at this moment. I just have to slow down and make sure I remind myself to do this on a daily basis.

Another strength I would like to improve would be trying to be something other than everybody’s problem solver. As someone that likes to live in harmony, I often see others dealing with problems and making them my own. I look for ways to assist them in managing the issue which puts more undue stress on me.

To be a leader, one must form lasting routines that benefit oneself and those around them (Broome & Marshall, 2021). To be the leader I know I need to be, I will spend a lifetime developing these skills and fine-tuning the strengths mentioned in the strength Finder assessment. Newer ideas stress the importance of the leader’s personality, working environment, and personnel quality in determining leadership effectiveness (Prezerakos, 2018).

Summary of my Report

The signature theme reports your top themes where one excels.  My top five were analytical, relator, consistency, futuristic, and deliberative.  I think the signature theme report accurately identifies my top strengths.  I am a very logical person who tries to remain fair and consistent.  Likewise, I also like to plan my tasks ahead of time by priority and enjoy being around close co-workers and friends.

Core Values

            While the signature theme report allows one to identify their strengths, it is also essential to work on your weaknesses. One of the execution competencies of becoming a successful leader is communication (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Therefore, one core value I would like to strengthen is communication.  According to my theme of the relator, I am very comfortable deepening relationships with people I already know, however, I need to work to become more comfortable in breaking the ice with newcomers. Another core value I would like to work on is empathy.  While I generally am a good listener, at times my relator and deliberative talent themes do not allow me to empathize as much as I would like.  Working on empathy and communication can help me become more emotionally intelligent which can help me become a more effective leader (Prezerakos, 2018).


While trying to improve on weaknesses is essential to becoming a good leader, a leader must also identify their strengths and try and make them even stronger. One of the traits of an authentic leader is balanced information processing or in other words, being analytical (Broome & Marshall, 2021). While being analytical allows me to make logical conclusions and decision-making most of the time, at times it can be hard to separate emotions from decision-making.  I believe a strong leader must put emotions aside and rely on critical thinking and logical reasoning to form solutions. Similarly, another one of my greatest strengths that I would like to work on is consistency.  It is important that a leader treats everyone the same and does not show impartiality.  Perfecting this strength would help a leader gain trust among their subordinates that they are being treated equally.


            There are many characteristics that make a good leader such as being honest, competent, inspiring, forward-looking, intelligent, imaginative, fair-minded, courageous, and straightforward (Denehy, 2008).  While I already innately have a lot of these characteristics, there are some that I can improve on.  For example, one characteristic I can work on is being more imaginative.  Since I am analytical, I often look to facts and data to solve problems and do not necessarily think outside of the box.  This can be detrimental to a leader who wishes to gain valuable input from their team. Another characteristic I can work on is being inspiring to other people.  While I enjoy getting to know my co-workers, sometimes I find it hard to inspire others to do more than is required of them which is an important part of being a good leader.


            Being an effective leader requires certain traits and characteristics. As nurse leaders, it is important we play to our strengths but also work to improve our weaknesses. My top five strengths are that I am analytical, consistent, deliberate, a relator, and futuristic.  While it is important to identify our strengths and how to improve on them, identifying my weaknesses like not being imaginative, not being inspiring, and communication is equally as important.

Gallup Strength Finder Assessment Results

The Gallup strength finder assessment is a tool that is designed to assist individuals in identifying their strengths. An individual’s strengths are vital to their personality (“Leadership in nursing – Briannie Falconer,” 2017). Based on the results of my Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, I have identified my top five signature themes of talents as an arranger, developer, responsibility, including, and restorative. With this knowledge, I can leverage my strengths effectively and maximize my potential as a leader in my personal and professional life. Based on your StrengthsFinder assessment, you have identified five dominant themes that can be harnessed to succeed personally and professionally.

I possess two core values based on the themes: responsibility and inclusivity. As a responsible individual, I am deeply committed to meeting my goals and fulfilling my obligations. This value benefits many areas of my life, from personal relationships to work. As a result, I experience pangs of remorse if I fail at doing something I promised. Inclusivity involves respecting and valuing individuals’ diversity and differences, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and included. I lie around people who identify my strengths; therefore, I like to work and interact with others. This is very important in a nursing career where collaboration is key to success (Yeom & Moon, 2017)

Two strengths that I can leverage are my ability to develop and arrange. An arranger can easily coordinate resources and activities to achieve a specific goal. Being a developer means I have a talent for helping others and bringing out the best in others. Additionally, I like being surrounded by young and bright minds and derive satisfaction from every slight improvement I make.

Gallup Strength Finder Assessment

The two characteristics that I want to strengthen are our risk-taking and assertiveness. Risk-taking means I can be comfortable taking calculated risks and accepting uncertainty. This is essential in my nursing career, where there can be uncertainties occasionally. In addition, being assertive would help me communicate my needs and ideas more effectively, especially when working with others. Hence, as a nurse leader, I can speak my mind without fear of conveying my ideas to others. Overall, assessing one’s key strengths is important in identifying areas of excellence in order to be the best (Seltzer et al., 2017).

My Leadership Profile

Understanding your strengths and behaviors is key to becoming an effective and successful leader (Rath, 2007). It is important for nurse leaders to be aware of this so that they can hone in on their strengths to be able to lead others. Every leader is an individual and will have different strengths from others, so knowing your own personal strengths provides a sense of engagement and productivity (Janke et al., 2015). The purpose of this discussion post is to provide a brief description of my results from the StrengthsFinder assessment and to describe two characteristics that I would like to strengthen.

StrengthsFinder Assessment

The StrengthsFinder assessment is not what I was expecting it to be. I have heard of assessments similar to this before but have never completed one myself. My top five themes include futuristic, relator, individualization, discipline, and analytical. These top themes do not surprise me. The first being futuristic is probably the most accurate theme that I received. I am constantly thinking about the future and am making plans years ahead of time. Our book writes that nurse leaders need to be forward thinkers (Broome & Marshall, 2021). I like to think that I can use this theme in the nursing profession with success. The second theme I got was relator. The description is that the person enjoys close relationships with others and likes to see friends meet their goals (Rath, 2007). I also agree with this theme as I have helped a lot of my friends reach their personal or educational goals and enjoy the process. The third theme that I received was individualization. After some research, my interpretation is that this is someone who likes to see different people able to work together. At first, I was under the impression that this related to my own individuality but am surprised to learn more about the real meaning of the theme. The next theme in my top five is discipline. I definitely agree with this one as I am someone who thrives on routine and structure. I tend to become stressed out when there is no routine or structure is not being followed. The last theme that I got was analytical. I liked to learn more about this theme by reading the reports provided as I was uncertain about it at first. After some reading, I discovered that this strength is for someone who likes to think of all scenarios and possibilities and I can see myself in that.

Areas to Strengthen 

With all of these themes described, there are a few that I would like to strengthen. The first is futuristic. I am not shocked at all that this is the first strength that I had and have taken this opportunity to view it as a good thing. There have been many times that I have stopped myself from thinking too far into the future as many people have told me that it is not healthy. There have been instances where yes, I have gotten ahead of myself and caused some unnecessary stress that could have been avoided. Now, I want to practice tapping into this strength and using it in my leadership techniques as a way to motivate staff. Another area that I would like to strengthen is related to discipline. My working attitude is very rigid and disciplined and as I can see how it is positive, I would like to be a little more flexible. After reading through the reports, I see how this truly is a strength and am glad that I have this characteristic. On the other hand, I have seen how my lack of flexibility has impacted my work before and would like to practice being able to “go with the flow” a little bit more.


In conclusion, it is important for nurse leaders to be aware of their strengths so that they can use them to their advantage when leading others. The StrengthsFinder assessment tool is great for nurses to complete to be able to identify their strengths. Since each leader will have different strengths, being able to tap into your personal top five will help lead in an effective way. Overall, strengths are something that is individualized to the person but also something that will impact everyone else around.


One of the attributes of being a leader is having the energy and putting in the hours to make the organization/cause succeed (Broome & Marshall, 2021). When I was reading my StrengthsFinder assessment, I felt like it described me well. I strive to be a good example for my loved ones and have worked hard for my achievements in my career so far. If I don’t achieve something at the end of the day, I feel dissatisfied. It revealed that my top 5 themes of talent are achiever, communication, focus, futuristic, and strategic.

Core Values

Two core values that I believe the StrengthsFinder assessment picked up on are the traits: futuristic and focus. I tend to think about the future constantly and how I can improve it for my family and myself. I recently looked back at my nursing school portfolio and looked at 3 goals I set for myself. I have achieved 2 out of the 3 goals and the last one is becoming a nurse practitioner. When I started my education, I always knew I would eventually become a nurse practitioner and I am very proud I am achieving this goal. I want my kids and family to be proud of me and want to prove that I can do this while working and being a mother to two young children.

The theme focus also describes me very well. I am focused on achieving my goals and when I set a goal for myself, I complete it. I think about different options and things that will allow me to achieve my goals eventually. I feel like being focused allows me to be very efficient and keeps me from wasting my time on something. I do tend to give myself deadlines and am focused on personal and professional goals.

Two Strengths

One of my strengths is communication. I am not afraid to speak to new people and if I feel strongly about something I will discuss it. I am typically the person who presents information in a group and not typically the one who is behind the scenes. I love talking to people and discussing new ideas. I feel that being a good communicator has led me to being a charge nurse on my unit. Leaders that are successful drive engagement, this includes communicating expectations, motivating coworkers, helping to set achievable goals, being able to be trusted, help to develop strengths within a team, and being able to constantly seek to improve (Herbison, 2023). I can communicate with every one of my coworkers and speak up if there are any issues of concern. Charge nurses are the role models of the unit, they coordinate staffing, coordinate patient care, and must remain in constant communication with their team (Bateman & King, 2020). Being able to coordinate things effectively also explains my other strength which is being strategic.

I am strategic because I like to problem solve different obstacles to get to a solution. I believe I have done that my whole life. I typically think about all the different outcomes before I decide. I rely on my intuition and if I have a goal, I find a way to achieve it. I do the schedule for our unit because I like to problem solve and strategize shifts to maintain adequate staffing for out unit while also balancing employees requested time off.

Two Characteristics to Strengthen

I am too hard on myself at times. I tend to have a lot of self-doubt and have thoughts like, “Am I smart enough” or “What will people think If I don’t accomplish something that I have set out to do?” For example, this nurse practitioner program, I have had a lot of self-doubt as if I can complete it and still be there for my kids. I feel guilty at times that I am fully present when it comes to being with my kids every day. I try to remember that I am doing this for them and want to improve their own futures someday.

Another thing I need to work on is setting aside time for myself and relaxing. At times I get too consumed with activities and tasks that I need to complete that I don’t focus on my own self-care. I need to set aside time for fun such as having a date night with my husband or going out to dinner with my friends.

Week 5 Discussion 2 Module 3:

The following is a list of my top 5 strengths based on the result of the Clifton Strength Report:

1. Learner

2. Achiever

3. Responsibility

4. Restorative

5. Developer

Core Values

A leader must choose what values are important to them and live them visibly in everyday leadership.  Core values in nursing include: altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, honesty and social justice (Poorchangizi et al., 2019).  Some core values common to organizations are: Transparency, accountability, trust, openness to new ideas, flexibility, caring,  and responsibility (Broome & Marshall, As I reflect on my strengths, my two core value strengths are responsibility and restorative.  Responsibility is an important asset to a leader.  As a leader, the responsibility to lead the team and be a role model to staff and the organization is of high importance.  With that being said, a leader must be prepared to take responsibility for good and bad happenings under her direction.  It’s the responsibility of a leader to lead by example and accept responsibility when her team fails and work together to fix the problem and formulate a plan to make a change.  This leads to my second core value, restorative.  Restorative mindset is a value that makes leaders solution-oriented and finding out what is wrong and resolving it (Gallup, 2023).  It’s in my nature to take responsibility even if it’s not my fault for the sake of recognizing what isn’t working and developing a new idea to improve processes and performance.


Two of my strengths brought to my attention from the Strength Finder Report are: learner and achiever.  I wasn’t surprised by the revelation that being a learner is a strength of mine.  Many have asked me why I’m going back to school at the age of 43, I tell them because I want to continue to learn and achieve my goals.  A strong leader continuously learns from their mistakes as well as others and formulates new policies to improve processes (Broome & Marshall, 2019).  Not only do I enjoy learning more about healthcare in general but I also enjoy learning about myself and others.  As Beard (2017) talks about the importance of learning one’s strengths and weaknesses, I find myself constantly learning about myself and recognizing what I can improve on.  The same goes for learning others, I find myself analyzing the people I work with so I can find ways to improve our work relationship simply by learning their strengths and weaknesses and caring enough to customize my approach with them on an individual basis.  Being an achiever is another strength I attain.  As I learn about myself and others as well as learn new content, I use the learned information to achieve new ideas and plans.  I found it interesting that the description of a person who possesses an achiever theme describes themselves as practical and realistic (Gallup, 2023).  I’ve often been told I’m a realist and that is why people like me, I call things out the way I see them and then figure out a way to improve myself or something else I am unsatisfied with.  To me, a good leader is capable of seeing the situation, good or bad, for what it is and finding a solution to achieve a better outcome for all involved.  Sometimes that means having to achieve self awareness.  Being an achiever pushes one to set goals and plans in order to achieve what works best for everyone in the equation.

Characteristics to Strengthen

One characteristic I’d like to strengthen is my desire to always put other people’s needs first.  Although, I believe this is a great characteristic of myself, I also feel it’s a downfall too.  I forget to take care of myself, I’m always running a million directions trying to do for others and I neglect to take the time to do things for myself.  Recently I’ve treated myself to a massage every two weeks to allow myself an hour to relax and not worry about doing something for anyone else in that hour.  Being a mother and a nurse, I find myself frequently consumed with the needs of my kids and the patients I care for, it’s important to take care of myself  too and I’m slowly making progress but still could strengthen the characteristic of self love.  Another characteristic I feel I need to strengthen is decision making.  I struggle with making a final decision about anything because I fear it will be the wrong decision not only for  myself but for others as well.  A lot of pressure is put on one to make a decision, failure is hard for me to accept.  Having that fear keeps me hesitant of making decisions sometimes.  I’m learning to accept failure and looking at it as a learning experience  so that it doesn’t hold me back from being a confident decision maker.

Leadership is a balance of knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to lead by example.  I’ve had leadership roles in the past and now I’m in a new position where I’m often the charge nurse leading the team for my shift.  Being new at the job makes me feel unsure of my ability to lead since I don’t know the policies and practices like I did in my previous roles.  Having the strengths of being a learner, responsible, achiever, developer, and restorative will help me to not be afraid to ask questions, recognizing what areas I need to gain experience in and take the initiative to learn, and use transparency to allow staff to know I am still learning and open for suggestions and insight.

My StrengthsFinder Assessment Overview

According to the StrengthsFinder assessment by Rath (2007), the five most dominant themes of the 34 total are important considerations in leadership style and skills because understanding them, both together and individually, can help us identify and magnify our individual talents and qualities that contribute to our successes. For me, these five signature themes were achiever (being productive and accomplishing achievements, whether major or minor, is important on a daily basis as well as during longer periods of time); relator (the relationships that I have forged are important to me, including investing in the growth of those relationships and being vulnerable enough to place trust in those individuals); competition (I look at my peers as sources of motivation to achieve excellence, competing to be the best in whatever area or focus is in question); focus (I place a lot of importance on setting tangible goals that drive me to reaching my desired destination or end-goal); and, lastly, harmony (I desire to promote commonality and acceptance in my life and among others so that we can minimize conflict while respecting each other’s views and opinions). Overall, I identify with portions of these themes as described and would work to improve myself in the ways that relate to my views of myself.

Core Values to Strengthen

The two core values I would look to strengthen would be focus and achiever. I believe that these two core values go together. To accomplish any achievements, initially what is to be achieved must be determined and then goals must be evaluated and set to create a path to arriving at those achievements. Overall, this process requires vision. Those who follow you or look to you for guidance as a leader expect you to know what path you are on so that you may adequately and articulately guide them as well (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Furthermore, to be effective in being visionary, a leaders must look at the big picture as well as the daily operations to adequately support followers at every level. I chose these core values to strengthen because when I look to leadership, I seek their support and their knowledge, and I trust that they will lead myself and all of us in the right direction so that we can be successful in our work.

For the achiever and focus themes, I identify personally and professionally with wanting to be efficient to stay on track and creating benchmarks for accomplishments by working hard and being consistent, but I do not identify with the parts of it that seem robotic and overly task oriented. In that way, I also wish to improve these core values by bringing more humanity and balance to the ideas of these themes to be more relatable and approachable as a leader and peer.

Strengths to Invest In

Relator and harmony are the themes related to the strengths I would like to invest in as a leader and a person. Specifically, to create better relationships and promote better understanding and mutual respect around those around me. I think of myself as open-minded and able to relate with others in ways that allow me to create relationships with them. During my travel assignments, I have created great relationships with managers and co-workers, and I think it is important to continue to do that. As a leader, these strengths are important as well because being approachable, relatable, and open-minded allow followers the confidence and comfort to come to you for support and answers. Broome and Marshall (2021) discuss the authentic leadership model in which there is transparency that promotes strong leader-employee relationships and integrity via seeking diverse perspectives; this empowers others and exhibits an optimism that shows followers that leadership is in place to be of service to them as well as the organization. Walden University (n.d.) discusses that one of the qualities of an effective leader in nursing, particularly in creating healthy work environments, is to participate in and facilitate collaboration. The themes of relator and harmony have a major role in collaboration because it requires creating and maintaining healthy workplace relationships as well as respect and understanding amongst those involved. Additionally, quality relationships between leadership and workers/employees are important because these relationships promote mutual engagement from both leadership and employees and, combined with other factors such as collaboration and good communication, improve the work environment (Shirey, 2017).

Characteristics to Sponsor

When reviewing my assessment report, I was surprised about portions of the harmony theme. Personally, I identify with looking for commonality among myself and others to promote understanding. However, I did not identify with keeping my beliefs or opinions to myself but can now see how there is truth in was stated by the theme. After reflecting more, the characteristics I wish to improve are being more communicative and confident. I wish to be more confident in my thoughts and opinions, in my ability to articulate my thoughts in spaces where there may be disagreement, and to be outspoken in a way that voices the needs of myself or those who follow me to promote any necessary change or improvements. In the leadership attributes trait theory, assertiveness and self-confidence are noted as important attributes of a successful leader (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Improving these characteristics will help me be a better leader that can thrive in areas of conflict and effectively express any needs or concerns of myself and my team.

According to Rath’s (2007) Strength Finder, my five strongest traits are “strategic, relator, input, responsibility, deliberative” (p.1). It was an interesting experience to go through the questionary and reveal surprising results. I was well aware of some traits, such as strategy and responsibility, while others were a discovery for me. However, as I read through detailed descriptions, I was surprised at how close these themes portrayed my personality. I also discovered that many elements of my character and ways of doing things could actually be helpful in the leadership effort and applied in leading or mentoring activities. For example, the Strategic theme description emphasizes the ability to “select the best alternative after having weighed the pros and cons in light of prevailing circumstances or available resources, […] uncover facts,” and “bring the big picture into view” (Rath, 2007, p. 3). Ferrada-Videla et al. (2021) attributed similar characteristics to the strategic leadership style in nursing by the ability of a leader to relate a vision to interrelationships and the environment of the organization, take “ownership of the strategic positioning to influence the quality of nursing care,” and make “strategic, systematic, and measured choices grounded in the quality of nursing care to guide its contributions to the institution” (Results section). Another strategic theme, Relator, emphasizes “much satisfaction from helping individuals improve personally or professionally” (Rath, 2007, p. 4). This theme also mentions people’s comfort and confidence to ask questions, which I noted on multiple occasions. These traits are beneficial in mentoring and coaching staff as a transformational leader. The study conducted by Gong and Li (2022) confirmed “that mentorship is associated with the mentors’ transformational leadership via the positive satisfaction of their basic psychological need” (p. 417). The authors noted that “mentorship is an efficient way to transfer knowledge and skills to the next generation;” hence, the better a transformational leader conveys knowledge, especially to staff members with “low levels of mindfulness,” the more satisfaction a transformational leader receives from completed work (Gong & Li, 2022, p. 417). Additionally, my personality traits described in the Input theme, such as feeling “restless until you have found a better way to describe the finer points of complicated procedures” and deriving “satisfaction from outlining the intricate steps of processes,” would also guide in teaching, mentoring, and clarifying goals and methods in the transformational leadership style (Rath, 2007, p. 5). The Responsibility theme is well known to me. Indeed, I strive to perform tasks “correctly,” with “accuracy and precision,” and apply “exactness” to achieve “high standards” (Rath, 2007, p. 6). Moreover, I expect others to perform assignments with “high standards,” which I try to instill in trainees’ habits when I act as a mentor of a transformational leadership style. Finally, the Deliberative theme of the Strength Finder described me as a person taking time “to methodically investigate, study, or think through things” and is “determined to examine the smallest details of processes, problems, regulations, plans, and contracts” (Rath, 2007, p. 7). I consider it a very accurate description as I’m not particularly eager to rush through things, and I believe that the best decision comes when you brush away emotions, weigh facts, and tackle a task with a calm and level-headed attitude. This thorough approach would be helpful in any management or leadership style in the nursing profession. Kitson et al. (2021), in an exploratory study that included nurse leaders from Australia, Canada, England, and Sweden, found out that nurse leaders successfully used a thorough, deliberating approach to embed evidence-based practice implementation (EBPI) into everyday routine, policies, and practices of healthcare organizations. The authors stressed that “conscious and deliberate” strategies of nurse leaders enabled them “to promote, influence and integrate EBPI approaches” (p. 2454). Moreover, deliberative techniques are “multifaceted and complex, relying on multiple networks and relationships to process information to promote optimal clinical decision-making” (Kitson et al., 2021, p. 2454). Therefore, the five top themes of the Clifton Strength Finder closely reflected my personality traits, and I find it beneficial to apply them as strengths in transformational leadership and mentoring.


Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a survey used to help determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Rath (2007/2021) says we can only lead from our strengths, but our weaknesses keep us from reaching our potential. There are no correct answers in this survey; all of the answers are what one feels is the most accurate at the moment that they took the test (Rath, 2007/2021).  Based on the answers that I gave on the day I took the test, I have been given what it says are my top five signature themes. These are Deliberative, Analytical, Relator, Discipline, and Intellection. I find that I do see all of these characteristics in myself.

Core Values

Knowing these strengths allows me to examine how I relate to other people.  As a Relator, I have a few deep relationships but am wary of opening myself to others. This was no new revelation to me, but now I feel that it would be something I should work on in order to become a more successful leader. Another core value that I need to work on is Analytical. I do not see being Analytical as necessarily a bad thing. Using data to attack problems is a solid position to be in. However, it can sometimes limit the approaches available to solve problems. It may benefit me to try to see the human side of things more often. Adjusting both core values and seeking the perspectives of others would allow a more Authentic Leadership Model (Marshall & Broome, 2021).



Discipline is something that I see as a strength in myself. I believe self-discipline is essential to overcome adversity and keep oneself on track to meet goals. I am a stricter disciplinarian for myself than on my staff. I try to set an example rather than give orders. Another strength is Intellection. I think a lot about what needs to be done and how to get it done. I probably could use a bit more focus, but given the time, I have been able to reason out how to get things accomplished.

Characteristics to Strengthen

The characteristics I would like to strengthen do not appear in the CliftonStrengths report. I focus on my weaknesses far more than my strengths. This negative focus can lead to a spiral and decreased effectiveness (Moore et al., 2021).  It would benefit me greatly to change the way I look at myself and focus more on what I can accomplish rather than my weaknesses. Self-reliance is a great thing. Not ever relying on others is a terrible way to be a leader. I would like to work on delegating and relying on others. I tend to take all the work on myself until I am at the edge of bursting. If I could learn to see strength in myself and others and give up some responsibility to my staff, All involved would be better off.

Strengths Finder Assessment Results

            My top five strengths were responsibility, realtor, deliberative, restorative, and consistency. Seeing responsibility at the top of my list was no surprise to me. Since I graduated high school and hit the world running, I’ve always been responsible and have had much to be responsible for. I find great pride in knowing I take care of my responsibilities and do not disappoint people. My second top strength was being a realtor. Realtors are most comfortable with ones they are already friends or acquainted with, although they are receptive to meeting and becoming friends with someone new. Realtors find happiness in surrounding themselves with their closest friends but, at the same time, try hard to strengthen new friendships (Rath, 2007).

Values to Strengthen

            Core values in leadership are being transparent, accountable, trusting, open to new ideas, flexible, caring, and responsible (Broome & Marshall, 2021). I want to focus on and strengthen two: openness to new ideas and transparency. I can tend to be set in my ways and sometimes black and white, with little to no gray area. In healthcare, you must have gray areas and be prepared for them. Also, I am not confrontational, so it is easier for me to be transparent if I am pushed to a certain point. I need to learn to communicate and discuss things before it gets to that point. As described in the section above about being a realtor, I value my current friendships, but I also have insecurities about meeting new people as it is sometimes out of my comfort zone. Making connections and meeting new people is a great way to leave that comfort zone. Who knows, maybe I could find some great jobs when I graduate by doing this.

Strengths to Strengthen

            The two strengths I would like to strengthen listed on this list are consistency and deliberation. It is very difficult to be consistent with such a crazy hectic life between school, work, my family, our farm, etc. There is only so much time left in the day to be consistent in activities. It is essential in leadership that consistency should remain the focus, and effective leaders will see processes through from beginning to end. As leaders, we should strive to improve daily and know that it will not happen instantly (Mallick, 2020).

Deliberation can be described as careful, vigilant, and private. Being deliberate can also mean identifying risks and taking necessary action (Gallup, 2023). This is certainly a strength, but I can strengthen it by focusing on making serious life decisions and drawing out the pros/cons and risks of the decision. I am sure that I am like everyone else in this program, where I have to take things one day at a time and not make too many serious life-changing decisions.

Characteristics to Strengthen

            I have always been extremely responsible, and that also comes with consequences. I want to see the world more lightly sometimes, as it adds immense pressure if I do not complete something on time and just right. One day, when life is not so busy, I can work on giving myself a little more grace and acceptance when I do not do everything just so, and it is okay not always to please everyone and do everything perfectly.

Lastly, another strength on my list was restorative. Sometimes I spend so much time and energy trying to fix myself and everyone else. Restorative leaders want to be problem solvers and solve problems and find out why (Rath, 2007). One can also drag themselves down trying to fix everyone and everything. My goal is to learn to let go of what cannot be changed and focus my attention on the positive and what is not consuming negative energy.

StrengthsFinder Assessment Results

The StrengthsFinder assessment helps one build on their strengths. This assessment can help one find areas where they have the most significant potential to develop strengths. My top five themes are analytical, winning others over (woo), positivity, connectedness, and individualization. I want a plan backed by facts, and I believe everything happens for a reason. However, I love to bring out the best in my team and praise what makes each team member unique. Also, I always have words and can naturally start a conversation with strangers (Broome & Marshall, 2021; Rath,2021).

Values, Strengths, and Characteristics

    Two core values that I would like to strengthen are positivity and individualization. I want to continue strengthening my positivity core values because working in healthcare can be very draining for the staff and patients. I make it my goal to shine a light on everything that is going well and bring energy to bring everyone up, make them smile, and enjoy the simple things that life offers. The following core value I would like to strengthen is individualization. I need to enhance individualization because everyone brings unique skills to the team and should be recognized for their input. This will improve productivity and the quality of care given by the team (Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

Two strengths I would like to strengthen are analytical and woo. The strength of analytical means using facts and logic to solve problems or make plans. This is a positive strength in the medical field. However, I can strengthen my analytical skills by practicing and remembering to respond appropriately with my facts and logic. I should always see where my team member is coming from their point of view and respond with compassion with my option. Another strength that I would like to strengthen is woo. Woo is a strength that I use daily. It helps me connect with others and improves my patient care. However, I would like to enhance this strength because making a personable connection with my teammates and patients is vital to how I deliver care and lead (Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

Two characteristics that I would like to strengthen are adaptability and self-assurance. These two characteristics were outside my top five strengths. However, I need to strengthen my adaptability and self-assurance to become a better leader and team member. Being analytical, sometimes it is challenging to go with the flow. However, I need to be able to take life and decisions as they come and not get thrown off when an unforeseen detour emerges. Next, self-assurance is something I have struggled with for years. I depend more on facts and logic than my skills. I need to strengthen my self-assurance and form a balance between it and being analytical (Broome & Marshall, 2021; Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

StrengthsFinder Assessment Results

The StrengthsFinder assessment helps one build on their strengths. This assessment can help one find areas where they have the most significant potential to develop strengths. My top five themes are analytical, winning others over (woo), positivity, connectedness, and individualization. I want a plan backed by facts, and I believe everything happens for a reason. However, I love to bring out the best in my team and praise what makes each team member unique. Also, I always have words and can naturally start a conversation with strangers (Broome & Marshall, 2021; Rath,2021).

Values, Strengths, and Characteristics

Two core values that I would like to strengthen are positivity and individualization. I want to continue strengthening my positivity core values because working in healthcare can be very draining for the staff and patients. I make it my goal to shine a light on everything that is going well and bring energy to bring everyone up, make them smile, and enjoy the simple things that life offers. The following core value I would like to strengthen is individualization. I need to enhance individualization because everyone brings unique skills to the team and should be recognized for their input. This will improve productivity and the quality of care given by the team (Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

Two strengths I would like to strengthen are analytical and woo. The strength of analytical means using facts and logic to solve problems or make plans. This is a positive strength in the medical field. However, I can strengthen my analytical skills by practicing and remembering to respond appropriately with my facts and logic. I should always see where my team member is coming from their point of view and respond with compassion with my option. Another strength that I would like to strengthen is woo. Woo is a strength that I use daily. It helps me connect with others and improves my patient care. However, I would like to enhance this strength because making a personable connection with my teammates and patients is vital to how I deliver care and lead (Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

Two characteristics that I would like to strengthen are adaptability and self-assurance. These two characteristics were outside my top five strengths. However, I need to strengthen my adaptability and self-assurance to become a better leader and team member. Being analytical, sometimes it is challenging to go with the flow. However, I need to be able to take life and decisions as they come and not get thrown off when an unforeseen detour emerges. Next, self-assurance is something I have struggled with for years. I depend more on facts and logic than my skills. I need to strengthen my self-assurance and form a balance between it and being analytical (Broome & Marshall, 2021; Rath,2021; Shirey, 2017).

Core Values

After completing the StrengthsFinder skills assessment, my top five strengths were revealed: Futuristic, Significance, Relator, Restorative, and Individualization.  These top five strengths were pulled from 34 strengths and can help recognize weaknesses (Rath, 2007). A couple of core values I associate with my results are inclusivity and responsibility. In leadership, managing personal and professional life requires much responsibility. Part of that responsibility to either yourself or your career often results in someone being upset, which will happen no matter what you do or say (Broome & Marshall, 2021).


My top strength, futuristic, is one that I was not surprised with at all. I have always been one to set goals, see the vision for the far future, and be able to paint the picture for those that struggle to see it. The unit I work in has a future yet to be determined. There is a facility that our hospital has an association with, that the rumors say we will be taking over fully this summer. It is a behavioral health hospital, and I am in a crisis observation unit that essentially holds these patients until they have inpatient placement.  The other way the unit could go is to remain to function as it is and be a “feeder” unit for the associated inpatient hospital.  Either way, I can see how it could continue functioning and anticipate future needs should that time arise.

The next strength, individualization, is a crucial personality trait for me. I like to find each person’s strengths and find a way to help them grow those strengths by putting them in roles that allow them to dig in. Another thing Rath (2007) mentioned was finding the perfect gift for someone. Usually, every Christmas, one person gets a very personally tailored gift. Sometimes two, though it has become the running thing on both sides of my family who got the special gift this year.

Those with the same strengths tend to be drawn toward each other and may use those strengths in very different ways (Soria et al., 2019). For example, another person may use their futuristic strength more creatively than a dreamer might. A person with the individualistic strength would take note of that and may pull them in to work with a focus group to help bring fresh eyes to a problem.

Areas to Improve

Strength areas that were not on my top five that I would like to improve would be positivity and communication. I have to work at positivity more than others at times. I make jokes a lot, and those are often taken as negativity. Communication feeds into that one as well. I tend to say things very directly, which comes across as harsh, especially to newer staff. I have been making myself pause two to three seconds before responding, and that has helped to adjust my responses in a way that is better received.

StrengthFinder Assessment Results

It is important for nursing leaders to have the courage and vision to be able to move healthcare forward (Broome & Marshall, 2021, p. 5). The strengths finder assessment revealed my five strengths being relator, restorative, analytical, futuristic, achiever. I find this is quite accurate because I am always thinking about how I can be in the best position for my future and look at the big picture opposed to instant gratification. I will do all in my power to ensure success of a project, activity or course as revealed by my strength as an achiever. I also thrive in the event of a problem and love finding new solutions as revealed by my restorative strength. I find comfort in relating to others and find a strong connection allows for improved communication and teamwork. I love collaborating with other and am analytical with new problems and want proof for reasoning when there may be some differences of ideas for solutions.

Two Core Values

Two of my core values as a leader would be teamwork and Empathy. I find teamwork to be crucial to the success of a common interest. If all team members feel valued and have input there is more collaboration and opportunity for success and positive outlook for future problems (Schuler et al., 2021). Being empathic allows leaders to put themselves in others shoes. As a leader one should be careful when deligating tasks to other and not abuse the power. If I feel my staff is overwhelmed I will actually tell them to take a break or I will do the task with them side by side or help in some way. There needs to be some empathy when asking others to do something and leaders should be careful not to delegate too much of a task that they would not want to do themselves.

Two Strengths

I find my strengths are accountability and continuous learning. I feel it is always necessary for leaders to take control and accept responsibility for their team. I appreciate the need for continuous learning to bring evidence based data into practice and encourage teams to do what has been proven to work best. Accepting accountability for mistakes allows opportunity for growth and development and leaders need to be able to see where improvements need to be made and need the humility to do so (Crath & Rangel, 2021).

Two Characteristics to Strengthen

I feel I need to improve my listening skills. At times of change or if there is a problem that needs attention sometimes I let my experience get in the way. I like to listen to other people but as seen in the strength finder assessment I appreciate analytical values and if a suggestion cannot be backed up by evidence or a logical explanation than it is more difficult for me to agree to their views. I would like to strengthen my sense of courage as well. A lot of times it is very difficult to stray from the norms and people go with the flow with organizational culture. Sometimes organizational culture could be ineffective or does not address all of the patients needs and a good leader needs to have the courage to be able to change a culture when in need.

How StrengthsFinder Results Have Developed Leadership Potential

From the StrengthsFinder assessment, the top five strength themes include Restorative, Responsibility, Achiever, Relator, and Learner (Broome, M., & Marshall, E. S., 2021). These themes give me insights into my predisposition to offer different skills and qualities in leadership. 

The core values show a commitment to making a difference and ensuring quality in all that is done; the Restorative and Responsibility queries reflect the desire to make things work, figure out issues, and prioritize the order of what needs to be done. The focus on Achiever fuels leadership ambition and emphasizes a goal-focused approach (Broome, M., & Marshall, E. S., 2021). Relator trait drives one to be loyal and to build strong relationships. Learner keeps one inquisitive and eager to explore new concepts and ideas and gain more knowledge, which is advantageous for leading. 

 My strengths consist of being Restorative, Achiever and Learner. My Restorative theme allows me to be energized by problems instead of dismayed by them. I enjoy the challenge of identifying the cause of the problem and developing solutions (Mike, 2015). Similarly, my Achiever trait compels me to achieve something tangible every day in order to feel good about myself, and my Learner trait drives me to learn new topics.

My weaknesses disproportionately show a lack of Focus and Futuristic, affecting my time management skills, ability to be at ease with change, and ability to think ahead. I am seeking ways to improve my Focus and Futuristic.  I can practice managing my time better and allocating activities to stay within the designated timeframe (Simon & Schuster, 2017). Additionally, I can research and learn more about adapting to change to manage change-related stress better and use my Strengths to determine the best ways to achieve success. Implementing a structured plan can also help me to envision the future and keep ahead of the game. 

Overall, my StrengthsFinder results have given me insight into my core values, strengths, and weaknesses, which in turn help me to capitalize on my leadership potential. My strengths rely heavily on Restorative, Responsibility, Achiever, Relator, and Learner, which will help me drive results in the present and plan for the future. With focus and Futuristic in mind, I am determined to open the door to further develop and hone in on my leadership capabilities and build on my strengths.

Leadership Profile

Great leaders seek to improve or enhance their power by using strategies like organization, flexibility in their job, and expanding their visibility (Broome & Marshall, 2020). It is important for leaders to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, so they can improve their leadership skills. The purpose of this post is to discuss my results of the strength finders test, and core values, characteristic, and strengths that I would like to strengthen.

StrengthsFinder Assessment

My first strength is focus, this is important in leadership because it helps to focus and complete tasks that with help to achieve my goals and filter out tasks that won’t. In leadership, it is necessary to focus on yourself while focusing on others (Kurpisz, 2017). The next strength is self-assurance. This means I have faith in my strengths and I know what I am capable of. Another strength of mine is command. Command leads me to take charge and I have no problem telling others my opinions. Another strength is Deliberative, this means that I am careful and vigilant. My last strength is analytical, which means I like to analyze things and find a logical solution.

Values, Strengths, and Characteristics

Two values I would like to strengthen are empowerment and positive reinforcement. Instead of keeping all the power to yourself it is important for leaders to empower others (Wooll, 2021). Two characteristics that I would like to strengthen based on my results are self-awareness and focus. It is important for a leader to be self-aware of how they are acting and the message they are sending. Two strengths that I would like to strengthen based on my results are communication skills and command. Communication is key for any leader, but we must learn to communicate in a way that is effective and command in a way that encourages teams.

StrengthsFinder Assessment Results

Based off the results of my StrengthFinder assessment my top five themes were competition, individualization, futuristic, command, and focus. Being aware of your personal strengths can increase motivation, confidence, morale, and performance (Suner 2020).

Two Core Values

My top two identified core values are competition and individualization. I’m a hard worker, driven to be better than my past mistakes, compare myself to others, and strive to acquire numerous status symbols. On the other hand, I receive satisfaction from helping others in need, can see thing from others perspective, and overall, just want the world to be a better place and will help as much as possible to help others set and achieve goals.

Two Strengths

One strength I have is setting my own goals and doing everything I can to achieve them without help from anyone else. I always have a plan and a back up plan because I like to remain focused and strive to have the best future as possible. Another strength I have is being able to be a team leader, influence others with my creativity and suggestions, and tend to bring more to the table than my peers do.

Two Characteristics I’d Strengthen

One characteristic I would strengthen is seeing everyone as a rival and believing that only one person can be the best. I strive for that person to be me. At the end of the day, winning isn’t everything. Being able to participate and try is worth more than winning in most cases. Another characteristic I would strengthen is although I love helping people, I tend to neglect myself to make sure the people around me are okay. I constantly remind myself “you can’t pour from an empty glass”.


A good nurse leader demonstrates respect for others, empathy, service oriented, self-awareness, motivational, and promotes development (Faubion 2023). Based on my StrengthFinder assessment results, I have what it takes to be a competent nurse leader. I am aware of some of my weaknesses, but it’s important to focus on the positives to increase my motivation to make changes instead of dwelling on the negative (Suner 2020).

Based on the StrengthsFinder Assessment my five strengths are:

  1. Responsibility – People who are especially talented in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty
  2. Relator – People who are especially talented in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.
  3. Input – People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.
  4. Learner – People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.
  5. Analytical – People who are especially talented in the Analytical theme search for reasons and causes. They have the ability to think about all the factors that might affect a situation.

The five strengths noted are truly fitting for me as an individual. The two core values I would like to strengthen would be innovation and communication. I feel like being creative and having the ability to adapt to new situations and or develop new ideas don’t come easy for me. I would also like to improve my communication skills to better myself as a future leader. I value honesty and integrity and feel that when those values are breached, I don’t always communicate in a manner a leader should. Nurse leaders who are authentic are able to be honest and open in their relationships with individuals to whom they report, as well as those who work for them (Broome & Marshall, 2021).

The two strengths I feel like I should strengthen as a leader would be learner and influencer. As a leader it is essential to be able to provide your staff with the best most up to date EBP for nursing. I am the type of person that always researches the cause and effect of everything. I need to understand why we do what we do and what the consequences are. I feel like that is important in guiding people as well. As an influencer, you help motivate staff to achieve not only the goals for the organization but theirs as well. It is crucial to be able to motivate people to work to their full ability in order to complete any goal, objective, or project. I really strive to match the transformational leadership style. According to Pishgooie et al. (2019) “The transformational and transactional leadership styles can reduce nurse’s job stress and intention to leave, so nurse leaders can use combination of transformational and transactional leadership for improving job satisfaction and quality of nursing services”.

Main Post

Having the drive and dedication to work long hours to see the organization thrive is one quality of a great leader(Broome & Marshall, 2021). To become a successful and more effective leader, it is essential that, as professionals, we understand our strengths and our weakness which could help us capitalize on what we are great at and make the necessary improvement in areas that need improvement. After completing the strength finder assessment, my top five themes are; Learner, Responsibility, Futuristic, Arranger, and Achiever. Understanding this report will help leaders do more of and be more of their best selves.

Brief Description of the Results

            According to the report, as a learner, I am drawn to the learning process, which is energized by the gradual and intentional transition from ignorance to competence. Adult learning is something I do, and I do well in challenging work contexts. This learner theme does not necessarily indicate that I aim to become a subject matter expert or want the respect of having a certain title in my field of study or job.

Aligned with the futuristic theme, the report describes me as a visionary who treasures the dreams of what may be. It noted that futuristic people have meticulously crafted their sentences to paint a vivid image of the future, inspiring others and boosting their spirits.

The report’s description of the “responsibility” theme emphasizes the need to assume psychological responsibility for my commitments and make amends to the other party. This meticulousness, passion for doing things correctly, and unwavering moral character work together to establish a reputation for dependability.

The assessment defines me as an arranger who can easily lead complex situations. Whether it is last-minute changes to trip plans or assembling the ideal team of individuals and resources to complete a new project, it describes me as a shining example of effective flexibility. Since there are no established norms or procedures to fall back on, I am at my best in dynamic situations. Instead, I dive right into the chaos, coming up with fresh ideas, looking for new ways to move slowly, and forming new alliances.

According to the assessment, I am an achiever who constantly feels like I need to accomplish something and that every day is a fresh start. It went on to say that to feel good about myself, I need to accomplish something concrete; otherwise, I will feel unsatisfied. I must learn to live with this nagging feeling of unhappiness since I am an Achiever, yet it has advantages. It gives me the energy to work long hours without getting tired and serves as my group’s power source as I set the pace and production standards.

Core Values

My two core values consistent with the StrengthFinder are being a learner and Futuristics. One phrase that stood out to me as a learner in the assessment is, “Your thirst for knowledge causes you to explore many topics of study or specialize in one particular subject.” According to Shin and Kim (2019), it has been established that curiosity and the pursuit of information are powerful motivators of learning, creativity, and subjective well-being. Growing up, I was always hungry for knowledge to know things so that I could communicate effectively and reason rationally. My dad would frequently have me around his group of friends to discuss politics, money, war, music, or any topic one could think of, and being in that environment and constantly being stimulated by my father to read and read widely gave me the drive always to want to learn more. Also, being in the nursing profession, where we have many areas of specialization, I was intrigued to be in the know. I would spend a year or two in one specialty and then move on to another specialty to be well-rounded.

To become an inspirational leader, futuristic thinking is of utmost importance. A futuristic leader can envision their desired outcomes and build a path. One of the phrases that stood out to me as a futurist is, “Your goals and aspirations motivate you to keep moving forward.”  My friends often asked me what my secret was or how I kept pushing, and my only response was my drive to improve myself daily.  I am never thinking about the now but always planning and making my next step before that time approaches. It is an excellent quality to have as a leader, as it allows you to plan and prepare for any unseen events to come.  Developing a futuristic mindset requires regular practice, which includes studying, being curious, and, most crucially, being open to the unknown (Singhel, 2022). These are excellent traits of a great leader because they enable you to make the best decisions for the now and organize yourself for the future; it also correlates to the learner theme that always has that thirst for new knowledge.


Under the futuristic theme, the phrase “you are preoccupied with what you can do and refuse to be distracted by what you cannot do” is my number one strength. I am always focused on my goal, and I have always been a person that is thinking about the next achievement with or without resources. Excuses are made to limit you, and seeing the glass half full instead of half empty and not focusing on the what-ifs will propel you toward your goal. I never get distracted by any obstacles, and I am always inspired, motivated, and challenged, less fearful of what is coming next, and more excited about what might be possible. As leaders, we should envision a positive outcome and lead without fear to develop trust and support from our team. Forward-thinking should be the norm and not an exception for leaders; it should drive a team so that planning and creation for the next event or opportunity that still needs to be actualized are in the process.

Another strength highlighted by the strength finder under theme responsibility is my reliability. The phrase “Because of your strengths, you bring an exceptionally mature perspective to your team. Most people regard you as the dependable one.” Being committed and taking responsibility and ownership to do what I set out to do is always something I take pride in. it is essential. When someone else is counting on you to do what you say you would or just relying on you to show up, it is vital that you do. According to research, leadership dependability plays a critical role in performance because dependable leaders are more likely to ensure the timely completion of strategic activities (Schroeder, 2023).  It further stated that leaders set the tone for what actions are desired and permitted in the company, and Leaders who are dependable in their work thus send a message to others that meeting deadlines is a desired trait they should share. Being in the nursing profession, where you can be tossed into any role at any given time, being responsible is essential.

Characteristics to strengthen.

            A leader must establish enduring habits that benefit both themselves and everyone around them(Broome & Marshall, 2021). While the statement indicates a balance between one’s personal and professional lives, it is a flaw I have yet to overcome. There are times when there is no justification, and this habit of being driven frequently exhausts one.  Under the theme achiever, the phrase “Driven by your talents, you might expend more physical or mental energy doing your job or pursuing your studies than some of your peers do.” Even though this could be a strength, it is a weakness. Working and thinking ahead is something I consistently do. Sometimes it takes away from personal relationships and other personal opportunities. I would want to cut back on it and create more time for myself, my family, and other recreational activities outside work and school.

Another weakness highlighted in the report under the futuristic theme is, “By nature, you spend a lot of time and energy contemplating what the coming months, years, or decades can offer you.” This phrase can be viewed as a strength, but it is a weakness because being consistently driven and not taking the time to reflect on a task that is completed before moving on to the next can set one up for failure. Therefore, slowing down and focusing on a little less at a time will help professionally and personally.


By completing this self-evaluation, I have been more conscious of the reasons behind my actions and have gained insight into my strengths and limitations, allowing me to alter my behavior as needed to advance.

Core Values

Harmony and empathy are two core values I identified in my report. I do believe that I exhibit these traits in my day to day life and as a leader. I value harmony and calm in my personal life. As stated by my signature report, little can be gained from friction or disputes. So, I try to find the common ground and work from there to find a solution.  I also am a very empathetic person, sometimes to a fault. I sometimes feel shame about my level of empathy, but my signature report says that this makes me powerful, which is really nice to see.


Two strengths I have identified are intellection and how I value input from others. I like to approach things logically, with all of the necessary information in mind. One of the strengths of intellection is that I am a reasonable, logical person. I can truly enjoy and benefit from my alone time. As stated by R (2020), we enjoy alone time spent thinking. I also highly value other people’s input on current events and issues. After I spend my time thinking about issues and coming to my own conclusions, I seek out other’s perspectives. I think I have a good balance of the two.

characteristics that you would like to strengthen

I would first love to strengthen my confidence. I find myself to be a very self-conscious person in almost all aspects of life. I incessantly worry that what I did was not correct or “not good enough.”  Howell (2021) states that this can come from a variety of reasons or experiences ranging from childhood messages to previous experiences in the workplace. She goes on to states that confidence can be practiced and learned through connecting with yourself, practicing confident body language, among other things (Howell, 2021).

I would also like to strengthen my communication skills. I think I have pretty good communication skills, but there is always room for improvement. I’d like to improve my clarity and transparency, both of which are important skills for leadership (Landry, 2019). I feel that sometimes I over explain myself or situations with my patients, making everything confusing for both the provider and myself.

I enjoyed taking this test and getting some insight into my own strengths.

Core Values

The two core values I found consistent with the Strengths Finders assessment were learner and responsibility. I am a lifelong learner. I’m always seeking more to learn to better myself in my career. As for responsibility, I am one to follow through with what I say that I will do. When I commit to doing something, I feel that it is essential and my responsibility to do so. According to Broome and Marshall (2021), leaders who understand their beliefs and can act upon those beliefs while understanding the mission of the organizations are essential when it comes to responsibility (p.185)


My two strengths were being an achiever and an arranger. As an arranger, I work to be organized but with the ability to incorporate flexibility as things are constantly changing. As an achiever, I always strive to work hard and do my best. Self-awareness as a leader is essential as it is a way to monitor strengths and weaknesses (International Institute for Management Development, 2023).

Characteristics to Strengthen 

            My two characteristics for strengthening are being a learner. I say this because sometimes I feel like I’ll never want to stop learning more. I wonder if I will ever have enough. The second would be responsibility, as sometimes I struggle with taking on too much. Both of these qualities are important but can have room for improvement.

StrengthsFinder Assessment Results

Comer et al. (2019) described The Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Strengths Test to identify an individual’s personal talents and potential for developing strengths. This assessment has been validated as a tool for personal development in both the work and academic settings. When answer the questions and analyzing myself, I found it was important to consider my strengths and how they are applied in different situations. My first strength was positivity. Positivity describes me well as I like to to maintain a can-do attitude and inspire optimism in others. Secondly, strong communication skills suggest that I can convey my ideas effectively and listen actively to others. An includer trait portrays that I have a way that is accepting of others, and I always try to try to create a sense of belonging. Consistency suggests reliability and the ability to establish routines and systems to promote efficiency. I am very big on routines and consistency. Having set consistencies has always been beneficial to me at achieving tasks or goals. Lastly, a woo strength is known to be charismatic and able to persuade and influence others. As Beard (2017) talks about the importance of learning one’s strengths and weaknesses, I found that understanding each of these strengths provided further insight into the character within myself and predict how I might behave in different scenarios.

Two Core Values

Based on the strengths described above, two core values that I could focus on strengthening would be empathy and teamwork.

Firstly, empathy can be strengthened by combining more characteristics from the includer strength and the communication strength. Though I am always accepting of others and can effectively communicate with them, focusing on developing a deeper understanding of their needs, emotions, and perspectives would lead the great empathy. As I would grow to become more attuned to the experiences of others, I would be able to respond in a deeper and more compassionate and supportive way.

Secondly, teamwork can be strengthened by combining the consistency strength and woo strengths. From past experiences I have been told to be rather reliable. With this, I can establish routines and systems effectively as a team player. Being one that is well counted on by others to deliver consistent results, results in the ability to increase confidence amongst my patients and colleagues.  Additionally, a woo strength can connect with others and build relationships. When reading the results of my strength assessment, this strength made me the proudest. I have always had the ability to promote cooperation and collaboration within a team. By strengthening empathy and teamwork, I can become more effective in my personal and professional relationships, as well as contribute to a positive and supportive social environment.

Two Strengths

Two strengths that could be strengthened based on the above strengths are creativity and problem-solving.

Firstly, creativity can be strengthened by combining the positivity and includer strengths. The combination of positivity and an includer results in optimism and deeper acceptance of others. Strong creativity can create an open and supportive environment that encourages new ideas and perspectives. By maintaining a positive attitude, I can overcome the potential obstacles that could stifle creativity and innovation.

Secondly, problem-solving can be strengthened by combining the communication and consistency strengths. Effectively communicating establishes routines and systems that can develop a problem-solving approach that is both structured and collaborative. By involving working to strength my problem-solving skills with processing and communicating clearly throughout. With this, I would arrive the effective solutions that benefit the team or organization.

Two Characteristics to Strengthens

A skilled leader not only learns from their own mistakes but also from others and uses this knowledge to create fresh policies that enhance processes (Broome & Marshall, 2019). One characteristic that could be strengthened is emotional intelligence. When I am feeling more level-headed and am able to be fully accepting of others and communicate effectively, understanding that the benefits of managing my own emotions as well as empathizing with others I would develop a deeper an understanding of their own emotions and how they impact others, leading to greater emotional intelligence.

Another characteristic that could be strengthened is innovation. This could be achieved by drawing on the creativity and problem-solving strengths. I have never been one that is extremely creative. By strengthening creativity, there would be a more efficient approach to problems with structure and collaboration to identify new and innovative solutions. By being open to new ideas and perspectives and communicating effectively throughout the problem-solving process, I would develop an innovative mindset that can lead to creative and effective solutions.

Leadership Profile

As the caliber of an organization’s executives directly impacts its success, assessing leadership potential is crucial. Each personality type has the potential to excel in leadership or inspire others to achieve. Also, spending time and energy on the team’s success is one of a leader’s traits (Broome & Marshall, 2021). Making better judgments and using skills might result from reflecting on strengths and flaws. The Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment may help people working in teams uncover their talents, helping them to increase productivity and morale.

Description StrengthsFinder Assessment

The top 5 hallmark talents themes —achiever, connectedness, responsibility, context, and strategic—emerged after taking the Clifton Strengths Finder evaluation. My achiever theme shows that I am a high achiever who puts up much effort to reach my goals and possesses a fire within me that motivates me to work more and achieve more. Constantly feeling dissatisfied with my last accomplishments serve as my motivator and causes me to work nonstop without becoming tired and stay committed to the team’s production standards.

My connectedness theme demonstrates my belief in the collective unconscious as a larger entity to which we are all connected and constrained by the obligations of not harming others, not taking advantage of oneself, and exhibiting compassion, care, and acceptance. I promote interpersonal contact and comfort people by illustrating that life is more than just a routine.

My sense of responsibility makes me feel emotionally responsible for following through on commitments. I apologize to the other party because I believe my reputation will be jeopardized if I cannot complete my duty. People can trust me because of my thorough attention to detail, obsession with doing things well, and uncompromising moral integrity. I must, however, proceed with prudence and avoid granting more than is required.

The context theme emphasizes the importance of looking back to understand the present since it can only be stabilized by knowledge of the past. It demonstrates how I may grow more self-assured and capable of making better judgments when I recognize repeated patterns. I create better partners because I know how my coworkers change into the people they are now and can see the seeds of the future being sowed in the past. I must wait for the responses and ask questions to confirm my conclusions.

The strategic themes describe me as able to sort through difficult situations and choose the optimal course of action. Others may just see intricacy, but because of the way I think differently than other people, I can see patterns. I consider the possibility of this happening and creating possible consequences. This helps me make decisions and evaluate potential obstacles so I can avoid them on the way forward.

Description of Core Values

I am motivated by loyalty and connectedness since I esteem them highly.


Loyalty is a virtue that denotes dedication to another person or group (Herrity, 2023). This principle mirrors how I conduct myself professionally since I am dedicated to completing any task I pledge to by setting goals and working towards them no matter how simple they look. Listening to another person’s point of view could increase loyalty because those who feel heard are more likely to remain around since they believe their thoughts and feelings are essential. If people feel that their ideas are valued and are part of the team, they will feel more at home. Support may be shown by emphasizing strength over weakness (Cates, n.d.).


The underlying basis of the value of connection is investing time, effort, and attention in connections that help me grow and support me. Value networks are interactions between people or between people and organizations that benefit the group. Members in a value network can exchange commodities, services, and crucial information (Robert Half, n.d.). where ever I go I try to make new connections, especially with those who share similar interests. To develop a strong network of professional friends, be open, honest, and genuinely invested in their causes; ask open-ended questions and get to know them as people first and sources of help second; stay in touch; leverage influential connections; stay positive; and invest time in business networking over time (Robert Half, n.d.).


Strengths are the knowledge, abilities, skills, and talents people use to complete tasks, engage with others, and achieve their goals. Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses enables one to have a better understanding and how one should operate.


Being an achiever involves a strong desire, motivation, and resolve to use one’s time productively. An achiever is continuously active, engaged, or working on multiple projects (Schubring, n.d.). I work diligently to get tasks done regardless of the effort to do it. I never stop until it done. Using my achieving abilities daily at work, home, and elsewhere is an excellent way to develop them. Working with achievers, tapping into my motivation, creating challenges, and making objectives and deadlines will help me to succeed. It is vital to be cautious not to sacrifice quality in your hurry to do more tasks. Goals should include deadlines and metrics so that effort results in clear progress and measurable results (Gallup, n.d.).


A commitment is a readiness to support a specific cause, group, or idea. A group’s commitment serves as its platform and is crucial to its impact. A person’s ability to persuade others increases with their level of commitment (Community Toolbox, n.d.). I will find opportunities that will help the group to meet its goals. To improve commitment, leaders should provide new team members personalized welcomes, conversation starters, and a feeling of worth. I would avoid portraying commitment as a burdensome obligation and instead provide an example of dedication through attitudes and behavior. This will improve connectivity and provide the resources needed to assume responsibility and uphold commitment over time.




Excessive expectations of oneself and others can lead to stress, concern, anger, fury, discouragement, and a sense of failure. Sometimes I tend to expect people to get things done as fast as I can, regardless of having limited time to complete such tasks. A sense of success, enjoyment, encouragement, and a boost in confidence can result from having low expectations. People are more likely to be involved when they work together, make decisions together, support one another’s leadership, enjoy one another’s company, play together, overcome obstacles, hold one another to a high standard, value and respect one another, challenge one another to take the next step, develop relationships, experience success, learn from failures, and look up to their leaders as role models for willingness (Newroads Counselling, 2021).


The ability to put other people’s wants ahead of one’s own is what makes a person pleasant. Very nice people are frequently sensitive, love to aid others and get along well with those that need more support (Thomas, 2022). The best prospects for management positions or more important team duties are affable personnel. I will opt to agree or pick an alternative course of action to reduce others’ stress when it is safe to do so and we will both achieve the same result. I must manage this personality in a way that strengthens my tendency to be nice in order to make the most of it. I will fulfill my entire potential and the potential of the company by providing workers with nice personalities with training opportunities, chances for cooperation, increased responsibility, and a route for professional progress (Thomas, 2022).


The assessment tools from StrengthsFinder assist people in discovering and developing their core values, highest priorities, most extraordinary talents, and any other quality that identifies them. Effective leadership depends on understanding one’s personality and leadership style since it will determine which actions will come more readily and which will need to be cultivated. Recognizing one’s innate leadership qualities is acceptable so long as they are not seen as a guarantee for less successful leadership actions.

The outcomes of the StrengthsFinder revealed my top five strengths. The findings are a surprise because I was not aware of some abilities. The report generated from the assessment provides a foundation for this discussion. This post will highlight the signature themes identified from the survey, including belief, relator, includer, positivity, and responsibility.

The theme of belief confirmed I have core values that make me more oriented to spiritual and family life. Besides, the quality identifies my preference for high ethics and accountability. The relator theme reveals that I love meeting and forming associations with new people. The theme of includer disclosed a passion for working in groups and assisting group members to achieve team goals. The attribute of positivity revealed that I like appreciating others with encouraging words. The theme of responsibility motivates me to be accountable for my actions and commitments (Rath, 2007).

Some core values consistent with the identified themes include being dependable and the commitment to high ethics. Scheffelaar et al. (2018) indicated that dependable professionals could be relied on and were usually available when called and make follow-up on promises. The core value of commitment to high ethics enables me to make good judgments and decisions within the laws that govern nursing. Two strengths identified are being a good team player and a responsible professional. Teamwork and coordination among nursing professionals are associated with better quality of care. Effective teamwork helps reduce medical and nursing errors, improving healthcare and greater patient satisfaction. It also results in a happier workplace that helps reduce professionals’ burnout (Costello et al., 2021). Taking responsibility as a professional makes me accountable for my work environment and patient safety.

Nevertheless, I need to work on two core values: volunteering and conscientiousness. Besides, I should work on two strengths ethics and intimacy. Characteristics that I would like to strengthen include accepting others and enthusiasm (Rath, 2007). Working on the identified areas will empower me with competencies in evidence-based practices that enable nurse professionals to achieve healthcare goals (Tlili et al., 2022). For instance, improving the values of conscientiousness and volunteering will enhance cognitive response to nursing circumstances and ensure the application of evidence from reliable sources to resolve emerging issues (Duggan et al., 2015). Improving the strengths of intimacy and ethics will enable me to maintain work relationships with clients and provide care within the scope of practice to abide by the ethics code. Furthermore, enhancing enthusiasm and accepting others will promote quality leadership characterized by transformational qualities (Broome & Marshall, 2021).

The findings of the signature theme report confirm there is room for growth. Leadership involves continuous learning to acquire skills to manage change and improve performance. Therefore, the knowledge obtained from the activity will facilitate skill-building to maintain professional and personal development.

After taking the assessment I discovered my top 5 strengths are Empathy, Developer, Includer, Connectedness, and Positivity. I found these to be quite accurate for myself and I enjoyed reading about each one. I believe learning more about each of our strengths is way to ensure that we understand how we work, what we are good at and what can do better at. According to Soria, et. al (2019), “Strengths-based approaches are founded upon the idea that individuals who focus on remediating their weaknesses may only be able to achieve, at best, mediocre performance levels” (p. 116 para. 2).

Core Values

I believe that my two core values that represent me well and that I stand by are Empathy and Includer. While I feel as though all five of my strengths really are correct, my empathy and being includer are towards the top for me. Being empathetic has allowed me to connect with not only friends but patients. Working in the Ob-Gyn clinic, at times we have to give patients some of their worst news such as a miscarriage or potential cancer diagnosis. Being empathetic helps me understand the patients feelings and can build a rapport with the patient. In one study I found by Moudatsou, et. al (2020), it was found that when providers or healthcare professionals are empathetic with their patients, the less stress, depression and or burnout they undergo. My other being an includer has always been a part of me even as a small child. I have never sat back and watched others be considered outsiders and be picked on for who they are. I think being an includer has helped me in a lot of ways become the person I am today.


My strengths are again includer and I say this because in the field of work of healthcare it is important for all persons to feel included and well cared for despite their race, age, gender, sexuality, etc. Being an includer also means making sure patients feel they are included in their care decisions and have the opportunity to speak up as they desire. Another strength of mine is positivity, I have always felt as though I am a half glass full person and will always attempt to find the positive in all situations. Even when something has gone wrong, I try to find the positive to show others that yes, ABC happened, however look at what we did right. How can we grow and learn from this situation. Positive reinforcement is a leadership quality that can be overlooked but can make great changes according Broome and Marshall, (2021).

Characteristics to strengthen

While there are many different characteristics I could strengthen, I believe two of my bigger ones are assertiveness and focus. While I am an outgoing person in general I struggle with being assertive in the working world. I tend to let others walk all over me, I keep things to myself and allow things to fester or allow people to talk down to/on me. I have been told by the doctor I work with that I need to speak up for myself and not allow others to treat me the way they do. While I do know this, it is difficult for me because I do not want others to be upset with me if I speak up. I tend to like to keep the peace. As far as focus goes, I have always had issues staying on one simple task such as cleaning. When I clean, I squirrel and get distracted to clean another area before the first is done. This creates issues because instead of taking 30 mins for one area, has now taken me several hours. This happens too with school, studying, and at times at work.

Based on my results from the StrengthFinder assessment I am strong in the areas of restorative, positivity, input, learner, developer. I agree with the majority of the assessment as those are areas that I strive to be proficient in. I know that I have many areas in which I still need to progress and strengthen, and those areas are something that I truly work on in a daily basis. I would attest that I am truly a learner, I always work to improve my knowledge base and love to be educated on everything, even if it is something I feel as if I know. Another one of my top areas and something I think I strive in is that of restorative. “You love to solve problems. Whereas some are dismayed when they encounter yet another breakdown, you can be energized by it”(Gallup, 2019). One of the areas I do feel as if I need to improve on more, would be that of positivity. I used to describe myself as a more positivity person but throughout the years I feel as if I have to make myself aware of my actions and push myself to be more positive in aspects, I am positive when it comes to other people but less positive when it comes to myself. I think the key to anything in life is working on the areas that we struggle in, if we aren’t striving to be better in my opinion I feel as if we aren’t living up to our full potential. I am aware that as humans we view things differently so while that may be my view point it may not be the view point of others.


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