r attending college

. Describe your purpose for attending college. Relate a few of your most recent reasons for continuing your educational experience. (PSLO 2 & SLO 2). Relevant topics might be:  Why are you attending college now?  What do you expect to gain for your efforts?  How important is this decision to you?  How clear are you about your major area of study?

2. Briefly describe your own “educational journey” from the perspective of past, present, and future, addressing the issues below. (PSLO 1, PSLO 2).  How has your educational experience gone up to this point?  What “lessons” about yourself as a learner did you learn in high school (the good ones and the not so good ones as well)?  How might those experiences affect your learning now?  What sort of attitude and motivation do you feel for continuing your studies at this point?  What are your current hopes and concerns about being in college?  What are your specific academic goals for this semester?  What are your main academic goals for the next two to three years?  What are some potential barriers to this goal?  How committed are you to achieving this goal?  What specific behaviors will you demonstrate to commit to this goal?  How positive and confident are you about this outcome?  What would you like to learn about in this course and why?

Using the information from O*net answer the following questions. (PSLO 3, SLO 3, PSLO 6, SLO 6)  Summarize some of the tasks your job would require.  Are there any technology skills required? Do you use these technology skills here at LSCPA?  What are some of the skills required? How has this course affected these skills?  What are the education requirements and related experienced needed to be successful in this job/field?  What is the projected growth rate?  What are the median hourly and annual wages of this job/field?  Using these wages, calculate a monthly budget based on a 40 hour work week.  Describe your current spending i.e (gas, car note, cell phone, rent, car insurance, food, streaming subscriptions, child care, etc).  Is this job/field wages able to cover these expenses?  Now consider future expenses (rent, credit cards, student loans, etc), will the wage continue to cover those expenses?  What are some adjustments you will have to make?  What are some strategies to better manage your money/budget you have learned from this course?


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