reflection on your experience:

Assignment #1: 

For this assignment, you are asked to try and go without using digital technology (i.e., phone, TV, laptop, etc…) for six hours throughout this week.  It does not have to be six hours straight (you can split it up an hour here and there); however, I challenge you to try!

After you complete the six hours, write a 3-page reflection on your experience:

  • Were you able to go all six hours?
  • What on Earth did you do?
  • Was it easy/difficult?  Why?
  • Did you feel the urge to use technology at all?
    • If so, how did that make you feel?
  • Any other thoughts?
  • Assignment #2: 

For your homework assignment this/next week, you are to fill out the time use diary again throughout the week (again, under the “Files” tab) and then write a reflection on how you spent your time, particularly comparing and contrasting your use of time in the first, second, and third time use diaries.

  • Fill out the week-long time use diary:
    (Start on Tuesday, and go through Monday)
  • Write a 3-page reflection (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) on how you actually spent your time and whether you feel it is more/less/equally balanced than your first two time use diaries.

We will do this activity 3 times this semester in order to gauge how we are spending our days (leisure, work, school, etc…).  The goal is to work towards creating a well-rounded work-life balance during the semester.  It is up to you to interpret how you are spending your time. Sleep (Z), study (S), and work (W) are pretty self-explanatory; however, do you consider eating lunch with friends miscellaneous (M) or leisure (L)? Is playing video games leisure (L) or recreation (R)? There are no right or wrong answers, but this is meant to challenge your critical thinking skills with respect to how you are spending your time throughout the week. Be thorough.  Be honest.  This is for your benefit!