Relation between Theory and Practice in Zen.

Need help with my writing homework on The Relation between Theory and Practice in Zen. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on The Relation between Theory and Practice in Zen. Write a 2250 word paper answering; T’an-ching where the precise meaning of t’a that according to Hu Shih is an appeal for more systematic search in Japan for long-hidden T’ang dynasty source materials of the history of Zen Buddhism. It is believed that the monk shen-hui of Ho-use temple that is in the eastern capital would each month make a platform and give sermons to people. Before the platform sutra, there is no instance in that the work that was merely the record of career and sermons of a particular master that was recognised with the name sutra. However, according to Ta-chien bodhisattca monk and his teaching of the platform sutra, there is no difference from the Buddha’s preaching of a sutra. The monk-disciple recorded his words so that they may be used later in generations to come and offer benefits to students and make them have a pivot of teaching and transmit it among themselves. Connectively, master Hua-neng emphasised that the first thing to do is to purify one’s mind and then concentrate on dharma that has great perfection of wisdom. The master recounts how he was able to join the fifth patriarch in Huang-mei hsien in ch’i-chou that presently has a thousand disciples.

Though a commoner from ling-nan, he was reluctantly accepted, the master preached to them and told them that they had first to look into themselves and write a verse and if the master finds that one of them is awakened to the cardinal meaning them he shall be given a robe and the darma that will make him the sixth patriarch. The disciples gave up and refrained from writing the verse, the priest after much thought decided to write a verse in the midnight secretly without letting anyone see it. At dawn, the fifth patriarch saw the verse and decided for the pictures not to be painted after all quoting words from the diamond sutra that all forms everywhere are unreal and also false. The master burned the incense before the verse in the presence of all disciples. He ordered the disciples to recite the verse since it will enable them to see their own nature, therefore, preventing them from falling three evil ways.&nbsp.

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