Research Project

Instructions: You may submit a Power Point or an essay for this project. If you chose to do an essay then  type or cut and paste your answer into the text box.All answers should be written in Times New Roman font with 12-point type and be left-justified.
All written submissions should be submitted in a font and page set-up that is readable and neat. All essays must be prepared in Microsoft Word and uploaded to the appropriate online assignment Please include your name, course number, week number and assignment name at the top of your submissions. Power Points should be submitted as attachments. Power Point submissions require reference citations as well.

Submission Instructions:Please submit your answer in the submission box for this assignment. If you submit your essay as an attachment make sure that it is done in Microsoft WORD format.
Please cite your references for this and all essays with a URL or proper MLA or APA bibliographic citation.You may use the APUS on-line library to look for scholarly sources. The textbook may be cited as well a reference for essay answers. Be careful that you do not create a “cut and paste” paper of information from your various sources. Your essay should be new and freshly constructed in your own words. Also, take care not to plagiarize, credit your references.  Do not submit it as a PDF since PDF will not open in the Sakai system.

Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA).Students are encouraged to read/understand the Basics.
I have attached a sample APA template, please feel free to download and use it.

See attached grading rubric for scoring guidelines. It is the same criteria used on all of the other course essay assignments.

Please open and review the requirements and guidelines about the Research Project as outlined in the SCIN206 Syllabus.

Research Project: Once students have begun their study of topics in marine biology they are to formulate a research project around a specific marine species that is currently harvested/utilized by humans. They are to research this species and write a research report that details and includes the following aspects of their chosen species: name of the species (both common and scientific name), specific biology of the species (its taxonomic classification, it’s life cycle, it’s specific niche in the marine ecosystem, area of the world/oceanic conditions that it requires, predators, prey, populations, and all relevant biological characteristics), it’s current use as a resource (harvesting/fishing methods, the main areas of the world where it is caught and utilized, all harvesting/fishing regulations (including catch seasons) that apply to this species in a given area, minimum and possible maximum catch sizes, catch limits, harvesting method limits, etc),  any issues surrounding it’s continued use as a resource (the history of this particular species use, it’s projected outlook/sustainability, population stabilities, etc), the species suitability for aquaculture (is it currently being farmed?, can this species be farmed successfully?, if not, why not?, specific factors that would encourage or inhibit its use as a renewable resource), the future outlook for this species (how much longer will the species last?, is it endangered?, commercially extinct?, it’s prognosis).  All of the above-mentioned factors must be addressed in the research paper of minimum of 6 pages in length, plus bibliography (but more importantly addressing ALL of the required information)  or a Power Point presentation with tables, graphs, or other graphics and a bibliography, which is to be submitted as a Word Document or Power Point in the Research Project Assignment category by the last week of the course. The main grading criteria are: Quality of Research, Use of Technology (Power Point is not required), Suitability for Aquaculture (here you discuss the pros and cons of whether it can be farmed) and Laws and Regulations concerning the species.

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