role of continuity and change in colombian voyages.

Write a 6 pages paper on the role of continuity and change in colombian voyages. This was the continuity that he inherited. This historical background shaped his attitudes which initially made him a hero and then evoked sharp criticisms of being an inhumane colonizer. This small example from history itself is proof of how continuity and change can play with human history and life.

The Genoese and Portuguese were known for their typical way of going in search of merchandise opportunities and trade adventures (Symcox and Sullivan, 43-44). This is also viewed by historians as a continuation of the “Reconquista” which was the period when Christian Kingdoms re-conquered the Iberian peninsula from the Muslim rulers. Exploring alien lands and conquering them after calling the people of those lands barbarians, had become a historical custom of sorts. It was on the riches that looted from those alien lands that European kingdoms prospered to rule the world. It can be logically concluded that Columbus and his voyages were the products of all these influences.

There is also another less moronic aspect to the Columbian voyages in history. The celebration of Columbian voyages became an occasion of festivity in Europe and America for many decades because it was part of the expansion of the horizon for humanity’s understanding of the world. All the injustices attached to these voyages were hidden beneath the bright picture of the culmination of an exploratory tradition that humanity had started centuries back. This exploration was legendary indeed. Hence, the Columbian voyages also had rightful credit to a part of the legacy.

The Columbian voyages were a continuation of that great human history itself. In that sense, its lineage can be traced back even to the primitive ages when Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to the American continents. Columbian voyages also had a link of continuity with the maritime history of the world which expanded human knowledge and prosperity.

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