Seneca College’s Behavioural Sciences program



This assignment provides you with the opportunity to set goals for yourself and imagine your long-term career path. The first step in accomplishing your goals is to make sure you are clear about what they are. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to be creative while clearly outlining a potential career path for yourself. Dream big!!


Imagine that you are retiring after a long and successful career in the field. Your organization is throwing you a retirement party to celebrate your accomplishments and achievements.  Write a biography for yourself that could be handed out to the party attendees (or delivered as a speech about you by your right-hand man/woman).

Your biography should be written in the third-person and may begin as follows:

_______ ________ (your name) graduated from Seneca College’s Behavioural Sciences program in 2022. After that, _______________________________.

Your biography should be clear and specific listing employers, positions held, specific accomplishments, notable successes, and personal achievements as well. You must strike a balance between being ambitious and inspirational, but still realistic. Feel free to make up a dramatic narrative for yourself.  Make sure you reflect beforehand: what would your dream career look like? What would your ultimate dream job be?  What would be a path you could take to get there?  What would you like your life to look like in 40 years time?  What would you want people to say about you? About your professional accomplishments? About your personal life?

Your biography should be typed, double-spaced, and approximately 2-3 pages in APA format.

REMINDER- assignments must be submitted on time before the deadline on Blackboard. Assignments received after the stated deadline will receive a 5% deduction after the initial deadline and then for each subsequent day before submission. A grade of zero will then be recorded after ten days have passed and the assignment has not been received. All assignments and evaluations must be submitted and completed by the last class of the semester regardless of the above requirements or penalties.