Song of Death


You may upload and submit the completed analysis in either .doc/.docx or PDF format. Do not

use other file formats (like .odt or .pages) as the file will not upload or open properly.


For this assignment, I want each student to read and present an ACTIVE WRITTEN ANALYSIS

of ONE of the three global theatre texts shared in Module 09. You are encouraged to read all

three short plays and choose the one that you are most interested to explore.

TEXTS: Choose ONE of the following short play scripts to analyze:


“The Love Suicides at Sonezaki”

“Song of Death”


Each of these plays represents a world and a storytelling voice different from our own

experience, and I want students of this Theatre Appreciation class to move beyond a “review”

reaction (like “It was good” or “I didn’t like it”) and view the work through the eyes of the

playwright and culture from which it originated. To do this, I ask you to move beyond whether

you find it entertaining and instead analyze the text through cultural, character, thematic,

and performance/staging aspects that you identify.

Use this document to answer the questions below and write your response in the space provided.

(Make sure you save your work.) Remember that full credit will only be given if your responses

for each section demonstrate a close text analysis and use details from the script to support the

point that you are making. General observations without detail or exploration will have points


Additionally, your writing should be professional and meet college academic standards. Make

sure you proofread, edit, and revise for clarity and correct grammar and syntax/sentence