Spouses and Veteran Spouses

Due Friday May 8th by 5pm Central Standard Time

Creating a Self-care Plan Support Group for Military Spouses and Veteran Spouses

You, as a social worker is to help those in need, due to the COVID 19 epidemic and the impact it has on you and others. Society is not the same, as everyone is practicing social distancing. Now Imagine you st just started a face to face self-care support group for Military Spouses and Veteran Spouses just before the COVID 19 epidemic. To maintain contact with your clients, you decided to create a Self-Care Support Group for Military Spouses and Veteran Spouses on social Media like Facebook, for example.

Readings found

1. Borah, E., & Fina, B. (2017). Military spouses speak up: A qualitative study of military and Veteran spouses’ perspectives. Journal of Family Social Work20(2), 144–161. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.1080/10522158.2017.1284702


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5. NOTE: You may need to do your own research and find better material than I did, if so you can use find, but sources must be from creditable sites.


Write a 6-7 page paper on What is a Self-care Plan and how it can benefit military spouses and veteran spouses. What are some examples of Self-care plans and why is it essential more than ever now that COVID 19 impacted you as a social worker with working with clients face to face and the impact it has on the clients as well. What are some positives and negatives if creating a self-care support group? Lastly, explain how not having a self-care plan can affect you mentally and physically, and last, how can you, as a social worker, take care of yourself to help others in this time of crisis?

Subheadings and Conclusion as well as APA format with citations and references

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