strategies to avoid distractions within the PowerPoint

Part 1.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Discuss the following visual aids and the benefits and challenges they might present in an oral presentation. Also note which types of speaking situations for which they might be most appropriate and discuss why.

Poster Board – Discuss limitations and whether or not this visual aid meets professional expectations. What type of presenters might use this form of visual aid?

Video – Discuss the importance of length and problems you might anticipate before using this visual component of a presentation. What type of presenters might use this form of visual aid?

PowerPoint – Discuss strategies to avoid distractions within the PowerPoint (ex: can some transitions be more distracting than helpful?). What are the expectations regarding font, number of slides, length of content (ex: Should paragraphs of content be included? Why or why not?)? What type of presenters might use this form of visual aid?

Part 2.

Reply to the following thread in a minimum of 100 words:

“Each aid will certainly present a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is these differences that make each more or less effective depending on the presentation you will be giving. A poster board for example, provides you some creative expression and the ability to present a group of ideas that are related to a single topic. You are limited in the size of the group and the number of ideas. This is suitable for a professional setting, when giving presentations for new ideas or programs. A video is only as effective as its ability to deliver a message and keep the groups attention. If the video is too long or too boring, you may loose your audiences attention. A short and sweet video that has some creative expression should minimize this. When using a power point, you have the advantage of using multiple slides, video content, text, and even pictures to present an idea. This is the most diverse platform for creating presentations. This is its greatest asset as well as its greatest flaw. Making your presentation overly cluttered or having moving gifs next to text can make it difficult to follow.” – Kathlene G.

Part 3.

Respond to the following post in a minimum of 100 words:

“Visual aids is an great asset during a speech one they help you to stay focus, helps to get your point across, and also helps with time consumption and most importantly they makes the speech exciting more like less boring. When using a visual aid you would want to make sure that it enhance your presentation. Make sure that the ideas are understandable and clear. They also help the audience remember after the speech is over. Visuals aids can also make your presentation more credible and also helps with language barriers. Now I will explain the three types of visual aids that we studied this week.

Poster Boards: Can be small, big and different colors but its all about what we put on them that makes them stand out. We would want to make sure that the letters are bold and clear and if we have multiple boards make sure that they are in order or numbered we don’t want to get lost in the poster boards. Most of the time poster boards are used in the classroom but some still used them in the office when dealing with a small group of people.

Video: When using video you want to make sure that the clips are at the right place where you want it to be because if you start a video and it has something that is not related to the message then you have lost the audience at that moment. Videos can be good for your speech if played correctly if not then it would be a disaster. With video we must prepare ourselves numerous times because it could lead to either the speech being good or bad. We would want to make sure the video can play on the computer that we are using and all. Also make sure the video is not too long no more than ten minutes. You would want to use a video when you want to get a point across like showing how someone using a product for a couple of months and the outcome.

Powerpoints: When using powerpoints we want to make sure that our presentations are not boring. We should use pictures, audio and audio when using powerpoint. You would want to customize slides to what you are speaking on or presenting. You would want to make sure that the font is the same size unless it is a title, that way to keep the audience from getting lost. Make it short and to the point try not to use to much animation because that would have the audience lost also. When presenting a powerpoint we should not add paragraphs because it tends to be boring to the listener and also it makes the presentation longer.” – Sheba M.


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