summary of the movies

The Story of Change

The Story of Solutions

Solutions and Changes:  This essay incorporates two videos and the discussion your group has.  Videos Story of Solutions: (Links to an external site.) Story of Change: (Links to an external site.)  With this one, take the short quiz.  Use your school email for this, and incorporate your ‘answer’ into the short essay

After viewing the films, you will write a ~1 page, single spaced (over is fine, too short will be evaluated as poor ‘quality’ in the rubric) summary of the movies and your interpretation as it relates to your own personal point of view regarding the problem or issues raised.  How do you contribute to the problem, fight the problem, or are unaffected by it.  Associated with these movies are a series of FAQs or Learn More.  Take a look and investigate at least one of these FAQs concepts to expand your understanding of the topic.