t approaches of martha rosler and tracey emin in their work.

Compose a 1750 words assignment on the different approaches of martha rosler and tracey emin in their work. Needs to be plagiarism free! Tracey main artistic works involve collage and the use of text to express her thoughts. She makes video installations and art performance as she concentrates on the media together with architectural organization. She explains that her work has undergone evolution because of her new experiences. This has necessitated her concentration on diverse issues in the word of art. Emin photography uses different mediums like ink together with a pencil to draw, make monoprints and embroidery in her work. In her installation, “The vanishing Lake “, which is, a site exhibition of drawings and known tapestries displayed in the Georgian house deals with love. She questions the perception of love and its existence. Comparing her positive changes in her photography world, explores her past life in the last 20years. She creates enough space for her photography world. There is a sculpture room that contains her artistic works together with a large space for embroidery and her drawings. The artist acknowledged for participation in exhibitions with recent display of drawings meant for her shows.

Although love has been an overriding subject in her artistic work, it is something missing in her life. Her artistic works involve judging of the theme of love when drawing anything. He questions the authenticity of love as she explores relationships and friendships. Emin is a soft-spoken, gentle artist who is vulnerable and this idea come out in her artistic work. The life of Tracy Emin is a perfect example of how an individual can rise from controversies to a state of reverence in life. Emin became a celebrity at a tender age since she always made headlines in the dailies. However, she made headlines for the wrong reasons, and to the people, who knew her, perceived her as experiencing problems and challenges with her personality.&nbsp.

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