Technical and Cost or Price Evaluations and Price Reasonableness

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Technical and Cost or Price Evaluations and Price Reasonableness. It needs to be at least 1250 words. This aspect is anchored in the construction company’s policy framework given the benefits which accrue from practicing transparency within the firm. This takes the form of corporate social responsibility at a firm’s level. At the individual level, each person at within the organization is expected to uphold justice, integrity and workplace etiquette. According to American Society of Civil Engineers (2012), the application of fairness and integrity during the technical evaluation results in successful project completion. Integrity is an ethical aspect, which both the natural and corporate persons ought to practice in technical evaluation. This virtue incorporates many ethical values. hence it is a pillar in any successful firm. In fact, most organizations maintain high standards of ethics in the society in order to remain relevant and to enhance the organization’s going concern. Ethical compliance organizational and financial prowess often propels organizations to great heights in business performance. This will help in the achievement of the goals. the returns of firms increase and the shareholder wealth will be created with ease. Technical evaluation and the factors used to determine the competitive range Technical evaluation influences many factors, which determine the competitive range of a particular contract.

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