text and other course materials.

Coping With Death

In your opinion, is denying one’s own  impending death a beneficial way of coping? How might it impact  development positively and negatively? Provide examples of practices  that indicate death acceptance and death avoidance. Support your  reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

Discussion Prompt 2

Coping With Loss

Some people believe that in modern societies, unlike traditional  communities, we do not allow enough time and social support for the  bereaved to process death and mourn loss. Do you agree or disagree? How  do childhood experiences and cultural and social rituals impact the  bereavement process? Next, read the following blog post “Supporting Grieving Families: Tips for RNs and Others on the Front Line.” Why do you think healthcare  providers receive so little training in grief response? Do you think  grief support is worthwhile to include as a major part of healthcare  training? Explain.

****Minimum response for each should be 125 words