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Gene Therapy and Cloning

Part A: Cloning is a major topic of debate and is described in the textbook. Briefly describe the process of cloning in the lab incorporating facts from the textbook. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloning and its current application. Highlight the differences between cloning and Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO. Are GMOs common in our society? which benefits and dangers can  you highlight with such technique?

part B : Gene therapy.

Give a specific and detailed example of how gene therapy may be used to solve problems associated with genetic disorders. Discuss the benefits and possible hazards of gene therapy to human health.

Your main post should  answer both questions , be 600 word long and include a reference section. Each of your replies should be at least 3 lines long and include a reference section. Please gather information related to the topic from your textbook and other reliable sources. Cite all sources used to build your paragraphs at the end of each of your reply.

Submission Details:

  • Post your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned Saturday  November 23. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week Wednesday  November 27.


Hi class,

Every text you post should be done with your own words and not copied from your sources. I will use turnitin for each main text ( The “600 word text”) and I will check the similarity score. It should be below 20%. I will let you know if it is above 20 % and ask you to revise. Any text with 50% or more of a similarity with sources will receive a temporary 0 until revised. Your main post should contain a text of at least 600 words, respond to the 2 questions and include a reference section at the end. Please make sure you do a word count before you post. Please respect the deadline.

You need to provide a minimum of 2 replies which need to be substantial and be at least 3 lines and a reference section. They need to include biological information and the feedback I provide you may require that you do a little bit a research before you post. You need to include references at all time.

Your posts need to be posted under at least 2 different days.

Please make sure you read the details of the rubric for the grading methodology.

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human genome project:

gene therapy:

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