The Secret History of Forced Sterilization and America’s Quest for Racial Purity.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Secret History of Forced Sterilization and America’s Quest for Racial Purity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There was little history of the eugenics that was known to the people, thus Harry Bruinius extracted the history and wrote about it in his book with the emphasis on the forced sterilization that was approved and lead to thousands of Americans to be deprived of producing. Whether the policy was justified or not, yet Bruinius discusses the impact and the reasons behind sterilization. He talks about the cases that were brought to court and the decisions that were taken for the sterilization, in order to quest for America’s racial purity. He talks about two women in the history who were poor and who had to face the consequences of sterilization. Harry Bruinius’ book was an analysis of how the people at that time accepted this contribution of science as the national policy where it was a quest for America’s moral and social purity. He laid arguments about how the lives of women have been changed just because they were poor or unfit. His book is a descriptive writing about the woman who is associated with this policy and was used by the state medical authorities as a test case to bring to the court their program. Analysts have discussed that at times the way Harry Bruinius has written the detailed case is prolonged and gets into deep details like the events that leads up to her sterilization, the mental level of the victim, the recreation of the event, and also involves the technique that has been applied by the scientists to create the theories that lead to the eugenics movement. As written by Bruinius, “this book is an account of scientists who shared this dream in the past, and the ‘worthless’ class they sought to sterilize”. Despite the detailed descriptions in the book and the moralizing of the connections or relations of American eugenics with the Nazi Germany, the author has managed to keep his point of view in front of the readers in a very critical manner. His arguments are justified and clearly connect the eugenics to the people, the state and to the rest of the world. The author is successful as his writing is influential and effective for the readers, and greatly helps to bring out the policies and events that took place at the time of the eugenic movement. His real purpose of the book stands out to reach to the readers and reveal to them the history that he believed was a secret, though it was not. However, the history and the events that took place were little known and Harry Bruinius has tried through his writing to give the information to a wide range of readers. He says, “After a century in which humankind has probed the mysteries of heredity and discovered some of the secrets of the human genome, the specter of better breeding and eugenics still attracts a host of people who long to remake their imperfect selves and breed a better type of human being”. The eugenics movement was founded by the core ideas of Charles Darwin. It started when socialists started realizing that the life of many humans is defected and many hold problems that come from their genes. Sociologists found that the improvement of human race can take place with the scientific control on breeding. The first eugenics movement in America was found by many of the new-world wee known biologists in the country.

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