The skills that were discussed this week were:

Please introduce yourself to the class and share what you hope to gain by taking psychology. What’s your name? Where are you from? What degree are you working toward? When do you plan to graduate? Feel free to add any other fun facts related to your work, family, pets, hobbies, etc.
During this week’s readings, you learned how the study of psychology can help you gain skills to reach your personal and professional goals. The skills that were discussed this week were:

· Problem solving to identify and frame problems in order to find evidence-based solutions

· Self and social awareness to better understand the behavior of yourself and others

Choose ONE (1) of the skills above and explain how developing that skill may help you toward your professional or personal goals.

To receive full credit, remember to write 2 posts in the discussion: one original and one response to another student. Your original should be at least 7 sentences, and your reply should be 4 sentences.