The Tower X management


Question 1

The Tower X management identify that the main issue is because of the lifts, even with the number of 12 lifts, are ineffectively bringing the people on to their level, respectively. The management decide to upgrade the lift system into SMART LIFT system that can segregate the crowd to individual based on level and bringing the people to their level more effectively.

Tower X is an office tower that rent out the office space to many companies. Tower X has a total of 50 stories height with each floor has about 5 companies. Every day, there are an average of 1500 people come to the Tower X at around the time of 8.30am ~ 9.30am (office hour), which cause the lobby area full of people and stuck the entrance.

The SMART LIFTS system first identifies the person’s level from the main gate through the scanning of the individual access card. Then the system will plan the lift for each person and bring them to each level without stopping for redundant floor. This will result in shorter waiting time and lifts will perform more effectively.

You have been selected as the Project Manager for the project. The management has allocated a budget of RM 200,000 and expected the SMART LIFT system could be completed in the next 8 months.

a. State 5 requirement scopes on project above. Based on the scope, proposed a timeline based on the requirement scopes to achieve the project success

Identify 3 potential risks that are likely to occur in the above projects, describe the risk in detail. (i. likelihood to occur, ii. root cause, iii. severity iv. how does the risk happens, etc).

c. Based on the risk identify in (b), select a risk response approach, and develop a risk response strategy for each risk in detail.