There are some that may argue


Their are many issues that plague the fire service. Line of duty deaths, cardiovascular incidents, and modern construction elements are making the employment much more dangerous then years past. However, what if there was a way to identify a problem that is somewhat treatable, and develop some form of intervention in order to save an entire generation of fire department staffing. PTSD is an incredibly complex and rampant problem that has infiltrated nearly every fire department in the United States. There are varying theories about what exactly causes this disorder and a plethora of research that can be utilzed in developing theory.


There are some that may argue that PTSD is the long term effect of countless incidents without intervention. There are also others who may argue that one distinct event can cause a downward spiral of sorts that ultimately results in the first responder developing the symptoms of PTSD. One of the largest problems with the identification of PTSD treatment is that many of the symptoms are incredibly subjective. There is also a strong negative stigma that associates with mental health in the fire department. Treatments is difficult because the science is relatively new and there is no tried and true blue print to help develop treatment as every single person will be different. There response to the stress, along with various factors such as resiliencey, familial integrity, and outside interests, just to name a few, will make each person a unique case that must be treated as such.


The two sources, among many others, that I will be utilizing are from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Psychiatric Research. Both offer a great perspective and lay a solid framework for the theories which I look to support in my research.


Boffa, J. W., Stanley, I. H., Hom, M. A., Norr, A. M., Joiner, T. E., & Schmidt, N. B. (2017). PTSD symptoms and suicidal thoughts and behaviors among firefighters. Journal of psychiatric research84, 277-283.

Smith, B. W., Ortiz, J. A., Steffen, L. E., Tooley, E. M., Wiggins, K. T., Yeater, E. A., & Bernard, M. L. (2011). Mindfulness is associated with fewer PTSD symptoms, depressive symptoms, physical symptoms, and alcohol problems in urban firefighters. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology79(5), 613.


It is hard to think that we are into week three of class. There are a lot of topics I would like to learn more about when it comes to firefighting. In this career field the old way of putting out fires does not work and firefighters need to change to keep up so they don’t get killed or injured. The topic I want to learn more about is vertical ventilation and the affects it has on fire spread along with flow paths. It is has proven that if you introduce oxygen to a fire it grows. It is the same when you cut a hole in the roof to let out the hot gasses and heat. The ventilation team has to talk with the engine crew and make sure they are in place with a charged line before they open the roof. There should also be a charged line in place on the roof in cease the fire gets away from the engine crew inside and the ventilation team also needs to make sure the hole is as close to the seat of the fire as possible.

The first source I found was:

The last source I found was:

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