third paragraph conclusion 

summarize chapter 10 for psychology: first paragraph Introduction, second paragraph observation and third paragraph conclusion

1.   Preoperational intelligence according to Piaget is thinking between ages of 2 and 6. This means that children cannot yet perform logical operations, that is they cannot use logical principles.

2.   According to Vygotsky, children learn because adults present challenges, offer assistance, and encourage motivation.

3.  The vocabulary of children consists primarily of verbs and concrete nouns.

4.   Centration – the tendency of    preoperational children to focus only on one aspect of a situation or object.

5.   Egocentrism – thinking that is self-centered. In the preoperational period a child views the world exclusively from his or her own perspective.

6.   Focus on appearance refers to the preoperational child’s tendency to focus only on apparent attributes and ignore all others.

7.    Irreversibility is the characteristic of preoperational thought in which the young child fails to recognize that a process can be reversed to restore the original conditions of a situation