To accomplish the design project’s Outback Challenge mission, your first design topic to research is Aircraft Selection-Vertical Takeoff and Landing. Your research selection is for the airframe, engine, and propeller/rotors only. At this time do not include additional items like GPS, camera, controllers, etc. You will add these items to the design later. You are building a custom UAS system for the purpose of Search and Rescue, therefore, do not select a complete system that is ready to fly as they are typically designed for recreational flying and will not work well for the mission. If you find a complete system with an airframe, engine, and propellers/props that you feel will work as a good platform to build the rest of your system; determine if purchasing only the items you need is allowed without buying the entire system. Using the criteria found in the Outback Challenge rules, research and select the type of aircraft you feel would best accomplish the two-fold mission of searching for and delivering a rescue package to Outback Joe. (Note: Your entire UAS system cannot exceed $10K, so do not select an aircraft that costs more than your budget can afford. You are required to build your UAS from off the shelf items. Do not select an entire ready to fly or military system that you cannot build from components available on the civilian market). Paper Guidelines: This information applies to all Technical Analysis Research papers and will not be repeated. Analyze and summarize your research and prepare a (minimum) two-page paper. Include at least two credible reference resources to support your information. Current APA standards apply. The nature of this course is specific to UAS/UAV robotics and control. The focus of your paper must revolve around this theme. Papers that do not address this topic, but focus instead on other important, but irrelevant UAS or manned aircraft issues will not grade well. Review the assignment rubric for specific grading details and to ensure your paper meets or exceeds grading standards. Important: You will use the research you gather from each paper for the development of the UAS Design Project Presentation. Quantification: 2 PagesDeadline: 12 HOURSUpload File 1: UAVCRulesSearchAndRescue2014v1_4.pdf


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