underlying moral dilemma


Briefly discuss the underlying moral dilemma contained in the practice of deceptive interrogation, providing at least one example.
Briefly describe what is meant by the “Dirty Harry” problem and why it is ethical concern.
Briefly discuss the importance of the principle of agent neutrality as it appears in utilitarian ethical theory and its application to decisions we make.
Briefly discuss the case of the “Christian Burial Speech” and why it raises moral questions.
Briefly describe at least one of the three critical problems with consequentialism discussed in class and in your text.
Review the following videos that you viewed in the Lecture Notes.
View YouTube video “White-Collar Crime” By “Duke” (43:44 minutes). Duke Law School Professor Samuel Buell takes questions from online viewers about white-collar crime during a live “Office Hours” webcast April 22, 2011.
View YouTube video “White collar crimes in the US” By “FastNewsTV” (25:02 minutes)

Complete the following tasks: Watch the videos regarding white collar crime. Based on your research and the information contained in these videos, write a case study/research paper being sure to address the following questions and include additional information you feel is relevant and will add value to your submission. Remember to include correct APA format with a cover page, reference page, and in text citations. You should also utilize AAU’s LIRN Library for peer reviewed journal articles related to this topic. Your case study/research paper should be at least 3 pages in length. Note: Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines and how to use LIRN effectively. What is white-collar crime and how does it differ from other crimes?

Summarize the events that have taken place in the videos as well as any additional recent events that you are aware of or are able locate. Use each consequentialist approach to explain whether white collar crime behavior is ethical or not. Are there ever situations where it is if not justifiable, at least understandable? Relate Bentham’s utilitarian perspective of social hedonism to noble-cause corruption as it relates to white collar crime. What ethical and moral implications do these scandals have for the criminal justice system? These crimes can destroy hard-working individuals’ retirement pensions and current livelihoods. What do you believe should happen when these types of unethical crimes occur within the corporate world? What can the corporate work do to ensure top level executives are not embezzling money from the company? What can law enforcement do? Any additional thoughts on the topic of this crime motivated by greed and unethical behavior?

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