United Nations Failed

I will pay for the following article Has the United Nations Failed to Fulfil Its Founding Promise to Maintain International Security. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. For the first time in the history of wars, America used nuclear weapons in WW2 and the world witnessed the destructive power of the nuclear weapons for the first time. Moreover, the potentials of a simple regional conflict in becoming a global conflict were also revealed to the external world through Second World War. Many countries forced to take part in the WW2 because of circumstantial pressure. The failure of League of Nations in preventing WW2 forced the global leaders to think in terms of a more powerful global body and the result was the formation of UN. Different subdivisions such as The General Assembly, The Security Council, The Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat, and The International Court of Justice etc were also formed inside UN in order to manage international disputes of various kinds. However, UN has failed to settle many of the international disputes developed after its formation and it failed to fulfil its founding promise to maintain international security. UN & International security The 1971 Indo-Pakistan war is one of the major examples in which UN failed to interfere effectively. In 1965 also, both India and Pakistan engaged in a severe battle for the ownership of disputed Kashmir. Until now, Kashmir dispute has not been solved amicably and India and Pakistan come closer for a third battle recently after the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack. In one of the recently revealed cables, WikiLeaks revealed how India and Pakistan responded immediately after the 26 November, 2008 Mumbai attack by Pak terrorists. In the days immediately after 10 Pakistani Lashkar e Taiba terrorists killed 166 people in Mumbai, a man pretending to be India’s then External Affairs Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, called Asif Zardari, Pakistan’s president, to warn it was about to launch a military response. President Zardari immediately contacted the country’s military leadership and ordered its air force to be put on high alert to confront a possible Indian attack. He also mounted a diplomatic campaign to put pressure on India withdraw its “threat”(Nelson, 2011). Irrespective whether the revelation of WikiLeaks is right or wrong, one thing is sure. India and Pakistan came much closer for a war after the Mumbai terrorist attack and the international community is responsible for avoiding this war. United Nations has not shown many interests in preventing this war. In fact none of the UN officials have shown any interest in this issue. The disputes between India and Pakistan are widening gradually and international community is afraid of a possible war between these two nuclear powers in the near future. Even at the time of writing this paper 9on September 7 2011), televisions flash news show that more than 10 people were killed and around 50 people injured in Delhi because of a bomb blast suspected to be conducted by the Pak terrorists. It should be noted that in the five years alone, India suffered three or four major terrorist attacks from Pakistan. All these terrorist attacks were happened because of the disputes over Kashmir. UN seems to be not learning lessons from past experiences. It should be noted that UN failed to prevent two Indo Pak wars and it is doing nothing to prevent a third possible war between these two Asian powers. The 2001 World Trade Centre attacks and the subsequent development of war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan is another example for the failure of UN.

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