video talks about biodiversity

The video talks about biodiversity and how the ecosystem does not have a permanent fixture. The answer that one ecosystem remain strong while another is weak is based on its biodiversity. Biodiversity consists of the ecosystem, species, and genetic diversity that are intertwined together. The stronger the link between the three diversity the better the ecosystem for animals and humans. For example, the amazon has great biodiversity due to its vast species and the huge systems that are connected with smaller systems. From the tall trees to the vegetables/fruits, and the soil that the creatures depend on. If a species has a weak gene pool or low population then it is subject to greater change. In the strong amazon rain forest, one species being lost will not disintegrate the ecosystem but in a weaker ecosystem that can have damaging consequences. For example, if the coral reel in the ocean were to be destroyed then that would affect numerous other species that depend on the coral reel for nutrients and shelter. Humans are also connected by biodiversity and we can experience our own losses. For example, when society losses a certain group of people similar to the way a butterfly/bee becomes extinct that create small changes (loss) in the environment that benefited from that group of people/butterfly. Biodiversity is our safety net that protects us and we should try to maintain it for a better tomorrow, in hopes that each species continues to play its role in this cycle of life.

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I agree with you that sometimes removing an organism can affect the whole ecosystem but sometimes that species won’t affect and the ecosystem could be able to recover from it. I also learned a lot from this video that relates so much to the lesson we read. Great post by the way!


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